Walk at Sunset in Walters Garden

I traveled north to meet up with a couple of garden writer friends before the Michigan Nursery and Landscape Tour.  One of the highlights of the day was to watch sunset in Walters Garden in Zeeland Michigan.  In this post I share some of the photos I took with my iPhone.  You can see the complete collection on my Facebook page in the Walters Garden Private Tour Album.  I’m traveling and the Internet is so/so – these will have to do until I get home and upload from my camera.

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Perhaps the highlight of my day which included a 5 hour drive up to Michigan was to catch the beautiful sunset surrounded by amazing plants in the Walters Garden in Zeeland with my friend Susan.

sunset in Zeeland Michigan / Walters Garden
sunset in Walters Garden in Zeeland Michigan

If you enjoy this photo collection and want to see over 40 more images on  Walters Garden Private Tour Album.

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I couldn’t believe how beautiful this strawberry plant looked this late in the summer along a border in the garden. Can you believe the harvest we pulled off of one plant? They were super yummy too! This is the Fragaria ‘Gasana” Strawberry in the Walter Garden Collection.

Find this video and more at Garden Tour Playlist.

During this trip to Michigan touring some of the most amazing gardens I’ve ever seen in the nation I was surrounded by the top landscape designers from the state of Michigan.  This event can be found if you search leading social media platforms using the  #MichiganLDT  hashtag.   I shared every hour during the event on Twitter, Instagram and even Periscope which you can find the videos on my youtube page.

[alert-announce]What do you enjoy most about touring gardens? Are you inspired to grow different or just enjoy the sights? I would love to hear from you so please comment on the post below.

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