Social Media #vine Helps Me Grow

For the past few months I’ve been looking out my kitchen window and all I can see way out in the far garden is green.  I planted this mystery shrub two years ago and have been wishing I bought more everyday this time of year.  The green is just amazing surrounded by all the drab tones from winter in the landscape. I can’t wait till it  blooms in spring to share the beautiful blooms that fill the entire shrub. The only problem I have with this plant is …. I can’t remember what in the world it is!

I was waiting for the next clear day to go out in the back garden and gather some content to share with my garden friends online. Within seconds I had a #vine video share of the shrub that went on my Facebook and my Twitter.  With in second I got a few responses from awesome garden peeps with a plant I.D.  I LOVE SOCIAL MEDIA and gardening!

Justin in Iowa is AWESOME …. Thank you for helping me I.D. my shrub!


#vine and I go way back ….. to January 2013

The really funny thing about the #vine app is how I was introduced to it in late January 2013. One winter afternoon I noticed a few of my social media favorites to follow on Twitter were talking about ‘vine’.  I immediately got excited to see that everyone was talking about gardening.  Within seconds of my tweets about vines that are awesome to grow my dear friend @SavvyMommy Tweeted me right away that this was not the vine you grow in a garden!  I was a little embarrassed I had flooded their #vine app stream with growing vine information and totally let down that my gardening dreams had not come true.  To avoid looking like a totally moron I downloaded the app and began sharing.

The same week I started using #vine I was featured on a Small Business chat event for the 6 second video shares I had been creating.  I use this video network to show my Facebook and Twitter friends a closer look at what I’m experiencing in the garden and at garden events.  I’m creating a small gallery that will be easy for my non- iphone / #vine app friends to access on my website in the weeks to come so stay tuned.

I hope you will take a minute and download the app on your iPhone or  iPad and give this network a try.  If you enjoy being creative you are going to quickly become addicted. Find out what the leading social media peeps are saying about #vine : 5 Ways Startups Are Using Vine.


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