Are You Verified on Pinterest

Pinterest launched a website verification which basically lets you verify that you own the website listed on your Pinterest profile. What I like most about this verification similar to Twitter verification, you will see a red check-mark next to your domain in search results, as well as the full website URL and red check-mark on your profile.

How It Looks

Are You Verified on Pinterest

Take the time to click over to my verified page and share your story on Pinterest.

HOW-TO Verify Your Pinterest

To verify your website, you need to visit your settings page on Pinterest  and click on the Verify Website button. Pinterest says it currently only supports top-level domains. Eventually the social network will add more options, but for now TLDs should cover the majority of websites on the social network.

The new features comes just a week after Pinterest launched user blocking and reporting which I’m a big fan of if you see fraud or spam on the network.  It’s clear the service is looking to step up its image in the area of security and privacy, which is particularly important given all the hacking and spamming that’s happening on the site.

Pinterest has always been fairly open about asking help from its community; Check out it’s  Top Ideas and Feature Request. Pinterest has the following Support article available: How do I verify my website?

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