Understanding Roots Book Review

Someone on HGTVgardens Ask & Share posted: “What can I use to kill tree roots?”(sigh). I can so related to this issue in the garden especially when our stump grinder isn’t working. Immediately, when I read the question I knew they must be talking about a Poplar Tree.   After recording the virtual book review with  Robert Kouriks’ and his book ‘Understanding Roots’ I totally viewed plants in a different light.

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Understanding Roots

Here are highlights from the presentation featuring Understanding Roots by Author Robert Kourik.  The presentation was recorded and discussed on a Garden Chatter presentation.

Understanding Roots Book Review on Garden Chatter

“I received much of my early training (and numerous continuing-education credits) in life skills from the School of Hard Knocks. ”  

I learn so much about gardening after speaking with Robert about his book.  It was really cool to learn that he was the first to use the phrase ‘edible landscape’.  For a complete list of all of Roberts’ books on Amazon I’ve provided my affiliate link. 




Notes From The Book

Understanding Roots
From Understanding Roots by Robert Kourik

How and Where Roots Get Their Nutrients

Below is a clip from my presentation with Author Robert Kourik discussing where roots get their nutrients.

Watch the entire presentation at Garden Chatter / Understanding Roots

Plants and Toxic Metals

The video featured on Brens’ YouTube Channel where you will find other creative ideas about gardening.

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