Tuesday Bloom from Limerick

One of the amazing things about taking a photograph is you can relive the experience anytime you like.  This morning in my neck of the woods we are getting a nice sprinkle after a very dry September. The drizzle rain reminds me of our trip to Ireland last December.

(click on the Images to see what I shared about the experience.)

Click on collage above to read more about this journey.

Click on image above for more thoughts from my visit to St. Marys.

Click Image above to view my journal on My Walk About Limerick.

Shares from my extraordinary visit with locals in Ireland at the Market.

What – No Poinsettia’s? Read more by clicking the Collage Above

Click Above to read more about this bloom from Ireland.

It has been amazing reliving my trip to the wonderful land of green with you this morning.  I hope my shares encourage you to take more photos where ever your path my lead and be sure to share some  thoughts that might inspire!   Happy Bloom Tuesday

6 thoughts on “Tuesday Bloom from Limerick”

    • For sure Annie! You of all garden peeps know what amazing green grows when you go natural. Most of the garden centers and landscaping folks I came in touch with told me that they do everything natural.

    • Scott, it is truly a magical place. I hope to have the opportunity to return again someday. This was during their winter season. I can only dream of what their spring is like!

  1. Loved the post Bren! Your pictures are a reminder of why I’d love to go to Ireland as well. I don’t know which was prettier – the flowers or the fruits and vegetables. Thanks for sharing the beauty. Just awesome 🙂

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