Trees are Amazing on GardenChat Event

My husband I are super tree geeks and we purchase from the Wood County Soil and Water Conservation Service yearly. In today’s post I share an awesome campaign hosted by the Arbor Day Foundation where you get 10 free trees.  Join me for Get 10 Free Trees | Tree are Amazing on GardenChat Event.

Twitter Event

Join the conversation starting now by tweeting below.   Check out the 10 topics on Question and Answer time.  Click on each to share your thoughts and view what others had to say about how amazing trees are!

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Q&A about Amazing Trees

Join the conversation as we chat about trees on GardenChat.

Question 1: Have you ever planted a tree?  #gardenchat

Question 2: What is your favorite tree? #gardenchat

Question 3: Is there a tree that blooms you enjoy in your garden or community? #gardenchat

Question 4: Fruit trees… do you grow them? #gardenchat

Question 5: Have you ever planted a tree in your community for a cause? #gardenchat

Question 6: Share a tip about planting trees for newbies! #gardenchat

Question 7: Do trees need food? Share tips and ideas #gardenchat

Question 8: Have you ever grown a tree in containers for long term? #gardenchat

Question 9:  Do you know what your States tree is? ( share your state and the tree) #gardenchat

Question 10: Would you consider donating to the Arbor Day Foundation @arborday ? Please Share this tweet to support! #gardenchat


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Let’s Connect

You all know I am a tree geek… I’d love to hear if you are too!  Readers are invited to comment below or connect with me on my contact page featured on this site. 

Happy Tree Planting,



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