Top 7 Peppers Every Gardener Should Grow

For the sake of being able to say you have a complete garden every self-professed gardener should grow at least a few pepper varieties. These sun loving plants are loaded with flavors, colors, and aromas that are super easy to grow. Even if you don like spicy foods there are plenty of pepper varieties that are sweet and mild sweet bell pepper to choose from that provide numerous health benefits. Everyone knows the basic pepper varieties you can find in your local grocery store but did you know there are thousands of other varieties you can grow from seed?  To help you dive into expanding your home garden I’ve included 7 varieties of peppers you need to consider.

Top 7 Peppers Every Gardener Should Grow

These are perhaps the healthiest peppers you can grow because they are loaded with vitamin C and an active ingredient called capsaicin that is known to be beneficial for the cardiovascular, immune, and digestive systems. According to the staff at Carpenter (one of the UK most established nurseries) these slender, spicy peppers are one of their best-selling vegetable varieties.


With a plant that has the potential of reaching 26″ tall it is easy to pull a bountiful harvest of jalapenos in as little as 65-80 days. This pepper variety is well known for it’s versatility making it a very popular produce. popularity.This plant came in #2 behind the top chili pepper.  It is a favorite at my house because we enjoy using them  as appetizers prepared on the grill and loaded with cheese and bacon! 

Serrano Chili Pepper

This is the pepper used in authentic Mexican guacamole and a number of other awesome dishes and sauces and a true favorite in my home garden. It has a Tabasco-type flavor and grows on a highly vigorous plant that reaches up to 30-36 inches in height at harvest. This plant is truly low maintenance and always provides a large harvest.


Anaheim peppers are a great mild choice for sandwiches or when you’re not in the mood for overly spicy food but you still want the peppery flavor boost. Most varieties of anaheim take about 70-90 days to produce a crop from a plant that stands about 28-30 inches tall.

[alert-note]Hungarian Yellow Wax[/alert-note]

hungarian wax peppers

It may look like a banana pepper but the Hungarian yellow wax packs flavor and a distinctive heat that is great in canning and pickling for those who love a bite! This variety  produces a 16-24 inches tall plant that does well in the cooler areas usually producing 6″ peppers in 55-85 days.

[alert-note]Golden Bell[/alert-note]

Pizza toppings : yellow bell pepper

The yellow bell pepper is one of my favorites to add on to homemade pizza and stir fry in the summer months. This popular bright yellow variety of bell pepper is an excellent source of vitamin A (in the form of carotenoids), vitamin C, and vitamin B6. The plant grows to harvest in 70 days and is perfect for any sunny home garden. The beautiful plant has a great full shape while it only stands about 21 inches tall at maturity.

[alert-note]California Wonder[/alert-note]

I’ve been growing the California Wonder green pepper for years.  It is a favorite in my local garden centers where you can buy start plants every spring to add to your home garden. This very sweet variety grows large, dark-green bell peppers in about 68-89 days. Once mature, the peppers ripen into a bright crimson red on a plant standing about 24-30 inches tall.  I LOVE using this variety in my stuff pepper recipes. 

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Top 7 Peppers

[alert-note]Canning and Preserving Peppers[/alert-note]

Top 7 Peppers Every Gardener Should Grow
Once you’ve included a few peppers plants in your home garden you will want to preserve much of the harvest or share with friends.  The peppers can be used in pickling recipes or you can easily use a dehydrator to dry the harvest.  I enjoy dehydrating so the pepper can be crushed and used in spices. Saving the harvest by preserving is a great way to be able to enjoy your garden year-round.

[alert-warning]How do you enjoy your home grown or purchased at the farmers market peppers? Do you like them spicy?  Do you give the preserved peppers as gifts during the holiday season? I’d love to connect with you so please comment in the space below.

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