Top 3 Lettuce Varieties to Grow Year-Round

Lettuce is a wonderful way to fill up on healthy nutrients and can easily be grown in a home garden.  This plant starts from a ‘super seed’ that can be grown most any season if given the right conditions. I’ve been harvesting a few meals worth of lettuce this week in the winter garden located in my geodesic bio dome. I’m a huge fan of dozens of different leafy green varieties that are on the market today. In today’s post I’ve picked my top 3 tastiest and easiest to grow varieties to share with you.

Mesclun, Classic Mix Organic

One of my favorites to grow in shallow containers in my geodesic dome and greenhouse is the Mesclun organic mix.  This is a artful blend of sweet and tangy varieties that are easy to cut back and will grow again well into the next season.  Check out the salad I made with this variety :

Mesclun, Classic Mix Organic


Sandy Lettuce Seeds

These are tasty little baby-greens I’ve been enjoying in my winter garden this month. Enjoy  30 days from direct-sowing for baby greens; 50 days for a mature loose-leaf head. This variety grew really quick… I like to pet it! You may laugh but petting plants like lettuce actually stimulates the roots to grow making it a stronger plant.

Grow Your Own Lettuce
Sandy Lettuce variety growing in my Geodesic Dome in January.

Organic Sandy Lettuce Seed at Sustainable Seed Company

Lettuce, Buttercrunch Organic 1 Pkt. (1100 seeds)

I usually start this lettuce late in the spring so I can testify that as the heat comes on this lettuce remains tasty. I love growing this variety in my raised bed closest to my garden sheds door so it gets shade toward mid-June.

Butter-crisp lettuce
Buttercrunch Organic Lettuce 

With these three lettuce varieties you won’t need any dressing  – I promise!

Now… eat your greens!  No reason not to…. if you have one please share it with me by commenting below. 
Happy Gardening, 

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