Top 10 Must-Haves in my Midwest Garden

Yesterday I was recognized as one of the top10 garden Twitter users.  I love making new contacts on social media networking sites so this was a real treat to be ‘RT’ ( retweeted). To show my excitement for being noticed on this fun site I decided to do a Top 10 of my own.


Each year I am sure to add at least 2 new sunflower varieties to grow in with my veggies. Sunflowers are wonderful to cut and share with friends or to dress up the inside of our home in a vase. These grow in various colors and sizes with little or no care needed.


Hibiscus syriacus/ Rose of Sharon Shrub.
I have had two homes to add gardens to in my life time and on the top of my must have list in the landscaping is the Rose of Sharon shrub. This flowering shrub adds color to any Midwest Home & Garden and also fills me with wonderful childhood memories. Growing up I can still remember photos out by the front porch near the Rose of Sharon shrub.


I’m a big fan of all types of coleus. These are annuals in my Midwest garden but are enjoyed in containers and in the landscaping. Over the winter months I tried to winter a few over in my new greenhouse but the night we lost heat I also lost my favorite coleus. Luckily, I have been able to find these locally at my favorite Proven Winner Garden Centers.


Twist and Shout : Hydrangea macrophylla
I love having flowering shrubs in my garden landcaping. One of my favorite varieties is from the collection of Hydrangea I own. One of my favorites each year is the Twist and Shout. This Hydrangea puts on a blooming show all summer and her flowers are very unique.


Sometimes not a gardeners friend……
All bunnies are welcome in the BGgarden as long as they are invited! We have a small rabbitry in our garden and we love the bunny fertilizer they provide our garden with. Not to mention they are soft and cuddly! Who can resists?!

Garden Felines

A garden is not complete with out a kitten ( or two). We live out in the country so a cat was a ‘must’ because I am not a big fan of the mice that like to live in the fields that surround our home. I can honestly say, we have not see one mouse ( living) on our property. A cat is always a wonderful addition to help keep company while enjoying the beautiful gardens. What a wonderful feeling to provide a home for cats that needed rescued. The really cool thing about our cats is they seem to acknowledge they love we have provided for them.


For the past 7 year since we moved to the country I have had a detailed plan listing all the veggies we will grow for the family to enjoy. I am a fan of home canning processing and most of my veggie picks are those we can store over the winter. There is no doubt you will find all the makings for salsa and home stews in my garden. Some of my favorites each year are the roma tomatoes, hot peppers and cucumbers that grow on home made trellis’.

Ornamental grass adds to the landscaping year round in the BGgarden.

I am a huge fan of ornamental grasses. These add color and texture to the garden year round. Over the years I have also been keeping an eye out for new grasses that can be added to container plantings.

Rocking it out in the Garden

When we bought our home in the country one of the selling points for us was the rock front porch. Since then I have added various patios and walk ways with rock themes. I think all gardens should have some type of rock if for nothing but to add texture to a soft garden.

Berry Share

Last year was the first year I harvested enough raspberries to make a few jars of jam to enjoy during the winter months. In our garden we have many fruit trees including peach, apple, pluot, pears, cherries and quince. Recently, I ordered some strawberries online and am looking forward to a crop of strawberries this summer. My favorite fruit is from the berry bushes we brought from our first home. These raspberries were easy to move and love to spread out so give them lots of room for many berries.

I know that is 10 … but is there room for just one more must have in the Midwest garden?

Perennials and Annuals that welcome the Butterflies
How could we not add blooms like Lantana, sedum and Joe Pye Weed that the attract birds and butterflies!

Thank you Top 10 for noticing what I have growing and sharing in my Midwest Garden!


21 thoughts on “Top 10 Must-Haves in my Midwest Garden”

  1. Ornamental grasses would be in my top 10, too. I think the rocks/stone would be as well. I seem to collect rocks of all sizes: the hubby almost got squashed by a big on in a ditch he was trying to collect for me;)

    Christine in Alaska

    • Thanks for stopping by Christine. I can’t to share my favorites this summer as they put on a show in my garden. Looking forward to your shares as well.

  2. Great post, Bren! And beautiful photos!

    Re: Top 10 — Lisa of Get In the Garden was mentioned the day after you were and I am on their list today. It’s probably a good place to find other people to follow, since they provide a little blurb telling what each blog is about and they change it up daily.

    • Pam – I just added your blog to my INSPIRING link on the side of my blog. I love your Texas shares! Thank you for stopping by my friend.

    • Thank you Mary – I was inspired to do the entry after being mentioned on the Top 10 at Twitter. It was fun to look back at some old photos to show what I enjoy adding to my Midwest garden each year.
      Happy Gardening!

  3. Hello! First of all, thank you for visiting my blog and leaving such a sweet comment for Fertilizer Friday! I love love all of your photos. I am going to look around your blog and hope you don’t mind me following along. I will be honored if you come and follow along my humble blog. 🙂

  4. I love your blog. This is my first visit.

    You have some beautiful pictures. I got sidetracked from reading the articles because of the pictures.

    I’m sure I’ll be back.

    • Thank you Jackie… I look forward to sharing more images from the garden so stop back! Heading over to check your blog out now.

  5. Bren, Bren, Bren….I just discovered your blog, and am “in love” with your work. I am sharing it with all my Garden
    Club friends!!
    So much talent and such a great heart.
    Thank you so much! God Bless, Charlotte of Hideaway, TX

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    • I do make some bucks off of my garden experience… only I try to not bombard my visitors with ads. Practice what I preach and only share what I really believe in is my motto. I don’t just add a product for the money!

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