How to Stay Healthy During Thanksgiving

When it comes to Thanksgiving, it’s all about loading up the plate with amazing recipes loaded with carbs in my family.  But just how healthy is everything? In this post, I share ideas on how you can stay healthy during the Thanksgiving season.

My Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

Below is my list personal healthy Thanksgiving tip list.  Don’t forget to tell me what you think about each by commenting on this post or tweeting me!

Rank List of Tips
1 Be Active – Try hard not to spend too much time sitting during the Thanksgiving celebration.  Get up and go for a walk outside to clear your head and get your heart beating.  Rake the leaves instead of leaf blowing is a great activity this time of year.
2 Be Hungry – do not forget to eat during the day of the celebration.  Do not starve yourself before that amazing meal. Add a protein loaded smoothie to your day or snack on a veggie tray.
3 Have back up – Always include a healthy alternative when serving up the meal.  I always include a plate of raw vegetables for dipping or not.
4 Healthy Routine – Just because it is the holiday doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your normal exercise class or walk the dog.  Keep on that healthy routine you have daily.  (if you don’t … let’s get it started!) 
5 Don’t PIG OUT – make sure you put average portions on your plate.  If you know you are going to eat throughout the day be sure to adjust what you take accordingly.
6 Do NOT restrict – Don’t restrict yourself from trying what you want to eat.  Just eat like the French and take a small portion or bite.
7 Drink Healthy –  Don’t forget your normal water intake for the day.

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My Healthy Thanksgivingthanksgiving turkey fillings

I love filling the turkey with veggies and herbs from my garden. What could be healthier than something you grew at home?  Well.. sweet corn from the local farmer is awesome too.  Each year I like to preserve the sweet corn to be used at Thanksgiving dinner.

Share Your Healthy Thanksgiving Tips

I recently asked friends on social media how they keep healthy during the Holiday. Please be sure to add your healthy Thanksgiving tips below by filling out the form.  Some of your shares may be used on my podcast or highlighted on my website so share your best! 

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In Conclusion

Yesterday I was feeling super stressed with Thanksgiving just around the corner. It was so awesome to hear top chef Bobby Flay of Food Network talk about how he gets stressed out at Thanksgiving trying to get all the dishes on the table.  The number one thing to keep in mind is to keep cool.  Stress isn’t going to help you keep healthy so make this Thanksgiving the best you can be. RELAX!  When I need to clear my mind I just head to the dome where I do some Garden4Season adventures.


Destress yourself over on Pinterest. I made this graphic just for you to pin on your favorite healthy living board.  Don’t forget to let me know you did this by commenting on my blog.

Stay Healthy During The Holiday Season

Let’s Connect

What did you think…. I’d love to hear from you with thoughts on staying healthy during the Holiday season.  Do you have a favorite recipe you just can’t live without? Tell me what you think about Tips For A Healthy Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,

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