Time Lapse Geodesic Dome

Time Lapse of the Geodesic Bio Dome 

Hard to believe this 20′ Geodesic Bio Dome is in my backyard! It took less than 20 hours to build this 20′ structure in my Ohio garden. I’ll be sharing all about the fun things growing on in my dome on my website each week so be sure to follow along.  You can click on the Geodesic Bio Dome category for the latest shares.  I also share on social media using #HarvestDomeNation.

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2 thoughts on “Time Lapse Geodesic Dome”

  1. It looks reaĺy nice, but will this be stable enough in a strong storm, hail, hurricane or flood? The wood loses it’s stability if it wasn’t handled with lacque on its surface, so that is very important, to make it waterproof to prevent from inside-outside moisture and temperature fluctuation, and of course from termite damage. I hope your friends did not forget to do it. I wanted to ask, how is it possible to heat it? How you are doing it in your other greenhouse?

    • Great to connect Mona!
      Mona thank you for your comment and questions. We absolutely made sure that we treated the wood to protect it from moisture. We used (Behr Paint) 10 year deck stain and applied two coats to every 2X4 in the dome.
      Scot painting frame of geodesic bio dome.
      As far as bad weather is concerned a dome is an incredibly strong structure. As long as it is properly anchored to the ground ( which this one is) it can withstand just about anything nature can throw at it. In fact the guys who built my dome have a dome in Alaska that went through a 135 mph windstorm without any damage! The SolaWrap covering is the best covering available for wind, snow and hail due to its honeycomb design. It was German engineered to withstand the worst dynamic forces that nature can offer. As far as heating, it completely depends on what you are trying to accomplish. You can add supplemental heating as desired. However due to its structure having 1/3 less surface area than a square structure, it is very energy efficient since there is less area for heat to escape!

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