Threshers & Corn make Midwest Summer

Could the sky be any bluer standing out in this Ohio field?

Summer is hot dry fields and the smell of kettle corn.

Summer is the cool sprinkle from a well hose as I save the veggies I have been growing from the lack of rain.

Summer is the smell of garlic,dill,onion and fresh cucumbers as they are processed in a hot bath so we can enjoying them during the cold winter months ahead.

Summer is sitting on the beach at the pond with family and friends sharing and making memories.

Threshers Reunion 2010

This year was the 50th Anniversary of the Five Point Threshers Reunion. It is always hot and humid on Threshers Day and this year it was no exception. I’ve been attending this event for the past 21 years ( give or take a year) since I met my husband who was raised out in the fields of Ohio. Now he may not be a farmer but he does continue to enjoy the life living in the middle of the fields and sharing with our children all aspects of life in this great country of ours. This year my son and husband received a 50th Anniversary pin for participating in the event. My husband had restored his Grandpas’ roller and my son showed his late Uncle Mics’ carriage.

Below I shared a few of my favorite photos from this years 50th Anniversary.


4 thoughts on “Threshers & Corn make Midwest Summer”

  1. I really enjoyed viewing your photos! It brings back a time when things seemed simpler – in a good way. Congrats to your son and husband for receiving the 50th Anniversary pin.

    • Thanks for stopping by Alan… Can you image how it must have been to live back in the day when those big steam engines worked the fields?

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