Walk Down the Garden Path On The Last Day of Summer

The last days of summer is when I was able to step back and really appreciate all that we had accomplished in the garden. The cool weather this summer had been a disappointment after the harsh winter. The predictions I’m hearing from weather annalist.  I’m beginning to wonder if we will have a ‘normal’ autumn or will we dive right into winter. On this last day of Summer 2014 I’m a few images from my home gardens.  It will be nice to look back on these images when the cold days of winter are upon us.


The garden next to the pathway leading out of the sun room in our home. The hosta’s blue blooms are still welcoming bees and humming birds.


Last Days of Summer

The View from The Pathway Leading to the Garden.

Stop on the path out the sun room to enjoy the view of some of my favorite trees and shrubs.  Everything is placed in my garden with deep consideration examining shape, color and over all feeling it will convey.  The bald cyprus tree (Taxodium distichum) will turn rusty orange and quickly loose it’s leaves in a short time. I can’t believe how big it has gotten in the past year.  I have two more out on our 17+ acres that I started from a twig and they tripled in size over the summer.  Spirea, Ninebark and a glimpse of the 12 foot tall ornamental grass in the view from the pathway. In a few weeks the only color will come from the grass whose plums will dance in the winter wind.

Walk Down the Garden Path on the Last Day of SUmmer

The garden shaded by the giant maple tree

I will be sure to share many photos in the weeks to come of the maple tree that shades most of this garden. The tree will turn a bright red before quickly falling to blanket the ground. In the surrounding gardens are where most of my roses grow.

Don Juan Rose Climber

NO Blooms for the Don Juan Rose Climber but I’m thrilled it survived the winter.

The Don Juan Climbing rose never bloomed after being cut back all the way to the ground early spring after the wicked winter we had in gardening zone 5b. The rose shrub has climbed over 10 feet tall in one season. I’m not sure why it didn’t bloom so please share with me if you know why.


The bright orange New Guinea Impatient is blooming strong after a dry summer and the alyssum is finally blooming after no white blooms in late Msy when they were planted.
Begonia and Silver Falls in a fiber basket has become my favorite for the front porch. As you can tell it does well all the way into Autumn making it difficult for me to pull and put seasonal mums in the baskets.


It was a long summer for the roses.  Most of the roses didn’t bloom until 1/2 way into the summer after recovering from the brutal winter we had.  It’s great to see a bloom just waiting to happen as we head into Autumn.


This simple container filled with mammoth elephant ears and impatience just maybe one of my all time favorites because it always surprises me with a cheerful color in the late days of summer. IMG_4677.JPG

The Last Days of Summer .. Walking in the Garden

The Strawberry Vanilla Hydrangea shrubs I brought back in 2012 from the GWA event in Indiana are sporting their autumn blooms as a few David Austin Roses continue to bloom.

Remember those day-lilies I cut back in early July?  They are up with full green in the garden with the mums.

IMG_4678.JPGThe Blushing Pink Nandina ... my miracle shrub that made it through the winter has doubled in size and is sporting some beautiful late summer color in my Ohio Garden.

Sunrise on the Garden Path

The Sun begins to shine in the garden on the last day of summer 2014

The sun shining on the garden path on the last day of summer was truly one to capture and share in the morning as it happen. I’m looking forward to sharing the days of Autumn with you next so please be sure to stop back and maybe even subscribe to my site.  

* Images were taken and edited with my iphone5 for this post 

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