The History of Fridge Design

Kitchen is the heart of our home.  Everyone seems to gravitate to my kitchen so I like to think it is because of all the great recipes I whip up daily.  In this post I share a cute infograph featuring the history of fridge design.

The History of Fridge Design

A home is not complete without a refrigerator. I can still remember being tall enough to grab the door handle of our box refrigerator that had metal ice cube trays in the top freezer section which was fairly new to my household in the early 70’s. The fridge represents a canvas to express one’s design prowess, giving us a plethora of different sizes, shapes and colors. The aspiration of most appliance design services has become taking refrigerator design to the next level and reviving the classic refrigerator with a modern twist. Enjoy this share taking you through the evolutionary timeline of a refrigerator like I have today.

The History of Fridge Design Infograph | Bren Haas
The History of Fridge Design Infograph | Bren Haas

Color In The Kitchen

Here is a home I recently visited with a blue stove. You will never guess what the frig looked like!

The History of fridge design

Let’s Connect

What do you think of the new colors available in kitchen design today?  All things I’m keeping in mind as we move closer to construction day in my home kitchen.  I hope you will share your opinion with me by commenting below.

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