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I am totally impressed with how well this SelfEco Compostable Self-Feeding Seed-Starting Garden Pots container holds up when needed and then breaks down when it is supposed to. I used the SelfEco product in my dome on a tomato plant that went directly into the soil. IT worked perfect and after about 2 years ( growing in my dome) I found no evidence of the product. The product is easy to purchase on I gave it 4 stars because I WISH they had this in other sizes – the size I used seemed to take a while to break down. IF you don’t grow year-round you may be able to use this container again in the next season.

In this post learn about the first self-feeding compost friendly pot in a product review by Bren Haas. Be sure to click to down and check out where you can try this out for yourself.

About Self Feeding Compost Friendly Pot

Do you have any idea how much waste is created and dumbed each year in your area?  The really cool thing about this product is you won’t be adding to that dump pile but rather adding to your garden.

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How Would You Like to Grow? 

SelfEco Pot

Be sure to Download Iowa State Case Study … very cool stuff!

What is it made of? 

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Why SelfEco? 

For me… it is a great way to not waste eliminate clutter.7c7aab1bb65d0fac5e3483a21d0febcd_original

Interview with Danny at SelfEco

It’s always fun running into Eco Danny at the top gardening events.  Below I got to touch base with him on a live presentation when first launching this product.

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I would love to hear from you and what you think of this product.  Have you used eco-friendly products?  Please leave a comment below or connect with me on my contact page to leave a detailed message.

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