The Crafted Garden by Louise Curley

Book Review by Bren Haas
On The Patio : Enjoying this diy – craft book after a walk in the wood-line here in my garden.

Reusing what was beautiful during the summer growing season is what Autumn decor is mostly about to me.  I recently received a copy of Louise Curleys’ new book  new book which is all about home-grown and foraged plant material being used in a creative and easy to put together project.

Nature has wonderful surprises for us !
A few of the treasures from nature I found in my wood-line just a few steps from my back patio garden.

About The Book
Just because the growing season is nearing its end, doesn’t mean that your garden can’t still offer up beauty and inspiration. Beloved “Welly Woman” blogger Louise Curley offers four seasons of garden and foraging craft projects in her new book The Crafted Garden: Stylish Projects Inspired by Nature With beautiful photographs by Jason Ingram, these 50 step-by-step projects range from edible dinner decorations in summer to holiday wreaths, table and tree decor ,terrariums, hanging gardens and nearly everything in-between.

The Crafted Garden is the second book by exceptional new talent, Louise Curley, who shares her passion for natural garden craft with a wider audience. These fifty novel and attractive projects and techniques will give everyone a chance to feel clever about their creativity, as they transform twigs, sprigs, berries and stems into baubles, bunches, decorations and works of art.

Photographer Jason Ingram is an award-winning garden and food photographer who photographs plants, gardens and people for magazines and books. His previous published work with Frances Lincoln includes Kitchen Garden Experts, One Pot Gourmet Gardener and The Cut Flower Patch. Jason was judged Photographer of the Year by the Garden Media Guild in 2013 and 2014.

Posy Napkin Rings

One of the projects featured in the book is the ‘Posy Napkin Rings’ featured on page 142-143.  I’m a huge fan of bringing the outdoors – indoors year-round to the table so this activity caught my eye.

napkin1 napkin2Scanned from The Crafted Garden by Louise Curley and Photos by Jason Ingram 

I shared on Periscope 

After a quick walk in my wood-line here in the garden  I did a quick live stream on Periscope featuring this book.

** Please excuse the video quality – I’m still learning how to use Periscope! 

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Buy The Book

This book would make a great gift for just about anyone … even if you’re not a gardener.

What are some of your favorite project you enjoy doing with art you find in the garden?  I’d love to connect with you so please leave a comment below so I can follow the link to your website! 





Bren Haas

Bren Haas

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