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scrambled eggs recipe

How to Make the Best Scrambled Eggs Recipe

In this post I share the absolute best scrambled eggs recipe.  Scroll through to see the simple recipe and a list of extras you can add to the eggs. How to Make The Absolute BEST Scrambled Eggs Recipe Eggs have got to be the easiest and healthiest item to cook up.  Not only are they

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Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

Classic Peanut Butter Cookie Recipe

I love whipping up a batch of classic peanut butter cookies just like grandma use to make.  The fresh scent is super comforting and don’t forget that peanut butter is good for you.   Just like anything eat these Classic Peanut Butter Cookie with moderation.  In this post find my easy recipe and baking tips. Classic

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mac and cheese with fresh tomato

Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Mac and Cheese Recipe

In today’s post, I share my easy Instant Pot Pressure Cooker Mac and Cheese Recipe. If you were to list your favorite comfort food I am very sure Mac and Cheese Recipe would be in the top five. At least in my household, it is right up there with chicken and dumplings.   Instant Pot

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