It’s that time of year when most of our areas designated for growing are either covered with a foot of snow or too wet to even think of stepping out to plant some seeds. What better time to collect information and start gathering seeds for a bountiful harvest in 2011!  While many will be following the NFL on Sunday February 6th, there is a large group of Twitter users who love to toil in the soil and share their information with all who are willing to grow. I hope you will join us Sunday February 6 at #SuperSowSunday (Twitter) from 6:30 -8:30 P.m. ET.   During that time you will connect with hundreds of gardeners from across the world and share planting tips, how-to sow, what seeds were successful and be able to ask questions to seed representatives from around the country.

I’m also excited to announce we have some wonderful companies who are participating and sponsoring a HUGE seed give-away. If you are not sure how to participate in a Twitter chat I would like to invite you to check out the official #gardenchat page where you will find information about HOW-TO participate and so much more.

We had so much fun last year with the #gardening gang on twitter including @getinthegarden @greensoil @uniquebydesign_ @TeeRiddle @4bratz2luv and so many more joined in the seed sharing fun. This chat continued way after the Super Bowl winners were announced!

Promote this event by adding the #supersowsunday widget to your blog. CLICK ON THE IMAGE BLOW for the code.

A special thank you to a few of my favorite garden companies who are helping make the give aways possible.

#supersowsunday Grand Prize/ Click Here for Details

On Sunday February 6 during the #supersowsunday event someone will be chosen to receive the gift set in the photo above.
The #supersowsunday Grand Prize includes:

  • 3 pack of Haven Manure Teas
  • Soil Scoop – from
  • 12′ Rossos biodegradable bamboo container w/ saucer from
  • Womans Work Bog Gardening Gloves from
  • Snippers from Corona Tools

Assortment of seeds from our sponsors at BBBseeds, Botanical Interest, Renee’s Garden, Wall flower Studio and Territorial Seeds #supersowsunday Lettuce Mix.     There are plenty more seed sowing items that will be given away during the week and at the #supersowsunday event so please watch Twitter for details.