Welcome to my neck of the woods. In this post, I share unique sunrise from the outside garden on my website.

Sunrise Image

Summer, spring, autumn or winter the sunrise is a wonderful way to start the day.  When designing a landscape I like to see how the sun will play with the shrubs and trees that are planted.  The morning glow does amazing things to trees and plants.  One of my favorite views is off the front porch where you can see the sunrise year-round.  Winter is one of my favorites because the contrast is wonderful.  The white mulch helps outline the designs to come.

sunrise on winter morning

The sunrise is my favorite time of the day. The earth is waking up and nature starts to sing. Do you have a favorite time of the day?

I’d love to encourage you to take photos of the sunrise in your garden year-round.  Maybe you are like me and you can’t see the sunrise as well during the growing season.  All the more reason to take photos so you can design a layout that will capture those sunrise colors.  I just love the photo above featuring the walkway.  It really turns a warming pink in the winter during this morning show.

Let’s Connect

Do you have a favorite place to capture the sunrise? I would love to hear from you so please reach out to me on my website.  It would be amazing if you tagged me @brenhaas on social media with one of your favorite images of the #sunrise.

Happy Sunrise Friends,
Bren Haas
*this is an old post that was modified for SEO purposes 1/2019

8 Responses

  1. that top photo is stunning, bren! sorry…typing with one hand right now…lol. seriously, that photo could win a contest. definately. awesome.

    1. I am flattered you took the time to share on my blog. THANK YOU for being a part of my art in the garden. I hope that hand heals soon.
      Happy Spring – will keep sharing just for you!

  2. That is SO gorgeous!
    My hubby and I just spent all day – ALL DAY – out in the garden trimming ornamental grasses, pruning, and doing all the “Spring stuff”. LOL. I could just drop, but it was great.
    Our pollen levels are skyrocketing and it’s well over 80, so the Army of Four supervised from the comfort of the air-conditioned house. LOL. We had to close it up if I want to be able to function later. Sudafed is my friend. LOL!

    1. Karen – thanks for stopping by! I love this time of year too. You are getting so much done this year despite the Allergy issues. I can’t believe mine isn’t going nuts this week. Isn’t it the best being out in nature ALL DAY with the one you love?!!! 🙂 Happy Spring Sweetie!

  3. Lovely, Bren, as always. When I look at these photos, I can feel the brisk morning air and see my breath.

    1. Thank you for stopping by Debra! Always an honor to have one of my favorite writers.

  4. Love that first shot … I can feel the chill in the air! While there may be a chance of snow there, we’re probably in for more rain … mooaann!

    1. We actually hit 70*F that day and over 80* F today! Thanks for stopping by my site. I hope you come back to see the spring shares.

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