Summer Home Garden Report | Twitter GardenChat Event

Summer Home Gardening Twitter Event

Join in the conversation on GardenChat sharing Summer Home Garden Report on Twitter.  In this post, you will be introduced to garden enthusiasts who join the conversation sharing from their home gardens.

Questions For The Twitter Event

Below is the list of questions that will be shared during the event. After the scheduled event, you are invited to click on each and add your reply.  GardenChat participants can also connect with others who have similar interests.


Everyone is welcome to join in the conversation by replying to each Twitter question.  IF you are not on Twitter you are welcome to comment on this post to add your answer in text and images. During the event @BrenHaas shares the event from @thegardenchat@thegardenchat account.

  • Question 1: Where do you garden? (Country, State, City and or Hardiness Zone) #gardenchat
  • Question 2: What are you harvesting now in your home garden?  #gardenchat
  • Question 3: What are the weather conditions this time of year?  #gardenchat
  • Question 4: What flowers are blooming right now?  #gardenchat
  • Question 5: What are the chores/maintenance you are doing now to keep the garden looking it’s best? #gardenchat
  • Question 6: Are you saving seeds from your garden this time of year? #gardenchat
  • Question 7: Trees in the garden… share with us what the trees are doing this time of year. #gardenchat
  • Question 8: Shrubs in the garden… do you have a favorite?  #gardenchat
  • Question 9: Any fun events going on in your garden this time of year?  Garden Tours… tell us about it! #gardenchat
  • Question 10: What topics would you like to have covered on #gardenchat?

Recap From Twitter Moments

No Worries if you missed the event live on Twitter you can answer anytime by clicking each share below and contributing.

Let’s Connect

Contribute to the conversation by commenting below.  Show off your summer home garden with us on GardenChat Twitter using #gardenchat. If you have a question or would like to request a topic for GardenChat with Bren Haas please leave a message or connect here.

Happy Gardening,

Bren Haas

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