Summer Garden Tours on GardenChat Twitter

Summer Garden Tours on GardenChat Twitter

Everything You Need to Know About Summer Garden Tours I

Planning to getaway this summer to an amazing garden? During the GardenChat Twitter event gardeners discuss Summer Garden Tours : Travel Tips and More.

About The GardenChat Twitter Event

Joining the conversation on the popular Twitter platform is super easy.  You will have to have an active Twitter account to actually participate however everyone is welcome to join in by sharing on this webpage.  Everyone can click on the live links in this post to read what others have shared on this popular subject.  During the event on Twitter be sure to introduce yourself!  Not sure how to use Twitter?  Just ask BREN HAAS by clicking on her contact page and filling out the form.  this Twitter Search Link. 

You And Your Friends Are Invited

Start the conversation NOW by tweeting out the link below. The LIVE event on Twitter takes place every Monday at 9 p.m. ET but the conversation stay flowing months after the event.

Questions To Promote

Below is the list of questions for the Garden Tours on GardenChat event.  Be sure to share this on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook and your other favorite platforms to support the event.

Questions with Answers

Below you will find the questions with answer from many different Twitter users from around the globe who shared their experience, opinion on the Twitter GardenChat event.  (these questions will be live links after 10 p.m. ET June 12, 2017 )

Question 1: Have you ever attended a Garden Tour or walk?  Where was it?  #gardenchat

Question 2: Are you attending a Garden Tour this summer? Where is it? Hashtag?  #gardenchat

Question 3: Will you travel by airplane to the event?  What is the #1 tip for flying to a garden tour? #gardenchat

Question 4: Do you share on social media while you are at the Garden Tour event? Share a tip about sharing. #gardenchat

Question 5: What is an item that you pack that YOU MUST HAVE for your Summer Garden Tour? #gardenchat

Question 6: Before the event do you google or make notes of your own about where you will be? #gardenchat

Question 7: Fashion over function? How do you dress for Garden Tours? #gardenchat

Question 8: Staying hydrated is important.  Tips on how you stay hydrated and energized? #gardenchat

Question 9: Documenting your experience is important.. share a camera tip or note taking ideas. #gardenchat

Question 10: Share with us where you will share your next garden tour and please included a link! #gardenchat


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