Succulents on GardenChat Twitter Event

GardenChat : Succulent Event CoverLove them or hate them but you have to admit they are all so unique and creative in any home or garden. In this post learn about Succulents on GardenChat Twitter Events.

Succulents on GardenChat Twitter Event

The event begins at 9 p.m. ET every Monday if you are a newbie to Twitter.  It is easy to join the conversation by following the host of the event @brenhaas.   The hashtag #gardenchat is where the unfiltered conversation streams.   Questions can be direct to the host and welcome on this blog post.   If you can’t join the conversation live be sure to check out the information at the bottom of this post to find out how you can get the most out of GardenChat Twitter Events.  Learning from those who have actual experience with succulents is why I put together this event and I don’t want you to miss it.

Q&A Succulents on GardenChat Event

During the 1 hour event, the following questions will be live. Be sure click on the questions after the event to add your images, questions and more.  Not sure how this works?  Just ask Bren Haas on this post or contact page where you will be emailed back immediately.

Question 1:

  • Question 1: Where in the world do you grow your succulents?  Share your country, state or city – hardiness zones welcome.  #gardenchat

Question 2

  • Question 2: What is a succulent? Photos are welcome – PLEASE! #gardenchat

Question 3

  • Question 3: Do you grow any rare or unusual succulents?  #gardenchat

Question 4

  • Question 4: Are you able to grow succulents outdoors year-round?  What are these varieties?  #gardenchat

Question 5

  • Question 5: Have you ever visited a succulent garden?  Share with us your experience.  #gardenchat

Question 6

  • Question 6: Do you have succulents growing in your home?  Share with us tips on how you grow indoors. #gardenchat

Succulents_ Question 7

  • Question 7: What type of containers do you use for your succulent?  Do you grow them in anything unusual?  Photos welcome, please! #gardenchat

Question 8 Succulents

  • Question 8:  Growing succulents in pumice or rock can be fun.  Have you ever tried this? #gardenchat

Question 9

  • Question 9: When your succulent plants have babies what do you do? #gardenchat

Question 10 Succulents GardenChat Twitter

  • Question 10:  Please share your website or blog link with us so we can continue the conversation about succulents. #gardenchat

Recap of GardenChat Event

After the event, you will find the highlights of this event on this page.  Start the party now by sharing this with your friends on the social media links below. 

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Be A Part Of The Conversation

Fill out the form below to let us know what you thought about tonight’s event.   Entering your email address and Twitter handle adds you to the VIP list to get notifications each week of up coming events and more.  Please note that your information will not be shared with anyone but Bren Haas of GardenChat Twitter Events.

Let’s Connect

In conclusion, I would love to connect with you so be sure to comment on this blog post or reach out to my contact page.  Growing succulents is one of my favorite things to do year-round so I look forward to connecting and sharing more with you soon.

Happy Succulent Growing,

Bren Haas

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