Staying Safe and Healthy While Gardening on GardenChat Twitter

It’s that time of year when the mosquitoes and ticks join us in the garden.  Don’t forget the sunblock as we discuss staying safe and healthy while gardening on Twitter GardenChat.

Staying Safe and Healthy While Gardening on GardenChat Twitter

Staying Safe and Healthy While Gardening on GardenChat Twitter

About The Twitter Event

To join the conversation you do have to be a Twitter user.  Signing up for Twitter is super easy just follow the step by step guide on Twitter homepage. During the event on Twitter be sure to introduce yourself!  Not sure how to use Twitter?  Just ask BREN HAAS by clicking on her contact page and filling out the form.  You will find the questions and responses from this event below.  The live stream for Twitter #gardenchat event begins every Monday at 9 p.m. ET so be sure to follow and contribute here on this Twitter Search Link.

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Are you friends on Twitter or are you trying to build your following?  Share the excitement of gardening by contributing to the GardenChat Twitter event!  Connecting on Gardenchat using #gardenchat hashtag is a great way to meet influencers in the garden world.

Questions To Promote

Below is the list of questions for the event.  Be sure to share this on Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook to support the event.

Questions with Answers

Below you will find the questions with answer from many different influencers from around the globe who shared their experience, opinion on the Twitter GardenChat event.  (these questions will be live links after 10 p.m. ET May 22,2017 )

Question 1: What is the first thing you do to keep healthy during the gardening season? #gardenchat
Question 2: Do you use sunblock daily? Rain or shine? Recommend a product if applies. #gardenchat
Question 3: How do you protect your hair while enjoying the great outdoors? #gardenchat

Question 4: What about your eyes?  Do you where sunglasses or a special pair of glasses while outdoors? #gardenchat
Question 5: Mosquitoes and other critters that carry disease – HOW do you combat them? #gardenchat
Question 6: This is the year of TICKS…. how do you keep yourself healthy and safe from these pests? #gardenchat
Question 7: Staying hydrated?  How do you make sure you have enough water each day? #gardenchat

Question 8: Eating all your greens?  What are some great recipes or simple snacks to keep fit / healthy while gardening? #gardenchat
Question 9: Sore and achy muscles after enjoying the great outdoors?  How do you sooth or prevent those pains? #gardenchat
Question 10: Where do you find safety and healthy living tips?  #gardenchat


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Staying Safe and Healthy in the garden.


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