Start Your Garden From Seed: #gardenchat Twitter Event

Start Your Garden From Seed on Twitter GardenCHat

It is time to get in the garden and grow what you love! This week on Twitter GardenChat event you are invited to join garden enthusiast from around the world as they discuss their experience growing from seed. This post discusses everything  you need to know about Start Your Garden From Seed: #gardenchat Twitter Event.

You’re Invited

Everyone is invited to join the conversation on Twitter for this seed growing event!  Start the conversation by sharing below:

Questions for the Event

At 9:15 pm ET the questions below will be begin on Twitter.  Follow host of Twitter event @BrenHaas for these questions.  You will also have to add #gardenchat to each of your answers tweeted. Take advantage of the share options on the image below and get the word out and show your support.

Start Your Garden From Seed on Twitter GardeNChat : questions here!

Recap From The Event

After the event the questions below will be direct links to Twitter featuring the response from those who participate on Twitter event.  (Posted After 10 pm. ET March 27,2017).

Question 1: What is direct sow and have you ever done this in your garden?  #gardenchat

Question 2: What are 3 important things you need to start seeds indoors? #gardenchat

Question 3: Do you have a favorite seed that you start indoors in Spring? #gardenchat

Question 4: What is the best way to bring the seedlings outdoors after indoor growing? (hardening off tips) #gardenchat

Question 5: The best thing about starting plants from seed is(fill in the blank) ! #gardenchat

Question 6: Do you save money growing plants from seed?  Share your experience with us.  #gardenchat

Question 7: Each season do you make it a habit to save seeds from your plants?  Share tips on how you do this with us on #gardenchat

Question 8: The coolest thing I ever grew from seed was (fill in the blank) and be sure to share a photo on #gardenchat

Question 9: After participating in this event will you be starting something new in your garden from seed?  #gardenchat

Question 10: Where do you share your garden – Please tweet your Website / Blog or Favorite Social URL #gardenchat

What Others Are Saying

Let’s Connect

Can’t attend the GardenChat Twitter event live?  NO WORRIES… ask questions by commenting below or be sure to sign into Twitter and reply to each questions above.

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