V-logging Every Day in April #SSSVEDA

Guess what? I’m on YouTube!  Actually, I have two channels as of last year when I re-branded myself and made a new channel. I’m hoping to learn more about YouTube and share more about myself on the networking during the month of April by participating in #SSSVEDA.

About the event

What is the world is SSSVEDA?  The event is put on by savvysexysocial.com and stands for Vlog Every Day in April.  Vlog Every Day in April is a challenge to make a video every day.  This event is hosted by Savvy Sexy Social community to help video newbies learn how to use their camera to make a connection with their audience online.

V-Log Everyday In April on YouTube

It has been a challenge putting together a video everyday but it sure is worth making new friends on YouTube.  Below is my playlist from YouTube featuring the #SSSVEDA shares.

find this playlist at V-Log #SSSVEDA in April

Let’s Connect

Got a question about the videos or just want to connect?  It would be awesome if you leave a comment below and also be sure to subscribe to my YouTube Channel. 

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