Square Foot Gardener : Home Gardening Changed Forever

I was working on a gardening video for gardenchat presentation tonight when I heard the news that the Square Foot Gardening Creator Dies at 84.   Know for the saying ” Build a box. Fill it with Mel’s Mix. Add a grid… and start planting”.  He made gardening so simple and changed the way we home garden.  Mel Bartholomew, creator of Square Foot Gardening passed away  in La Jolla , California. His easy, innovative method of growing vegetables revolutionized the way millions grow their own food and will be remembered forever in my home garden.

square foot gardening

From Mel Bartholomew.com : A Lush Garden in Only Four Inches of Compost?

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With over 2.5 million books sold on the subject, making Mel the bestselling gardening author in North America for more than a generation. From the proceeds of his book sales he created the Square Foot Gardening Foundation, which has spread his method throughout the world in an effort to help end world hunger.

Find this video at Home Gardening Tips Playlist.

Bartholomew’s death was announced by the Square Foot Gardening Foundation, which has vowed to carry on his mission of combatting world hunger.  “The Square Foot Gardening Foundation, along with the Bartholomew family, look forward to continuing with Mel’s mission and securing the future of Square Foot Gardening for generations to come.”

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  1. I have one of the very first books published by Mel Bartholomew which he autographed for me. I met him on a hot, sunny day in Greenwood, South Carolina, where he was demonstrating square foot gardening at the annual Park Seed Company flower show. He was a great innovator and I am so happy to see that his methods are still being carried out to combat world hunger. His way of gardening is so simple that the lone greenhorn can easily and successfully have a garden to be proud of.

    • Thank you for sharing your experience. I love hearing about these gardening events and how it helped you grow. I didn’t know Park Seed had a show. Mel Bartholomew will be remembered forever in many gardens around the world. Great to connect with you today Virginia.

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