Spring Promises From The Garden

Spring in Ohio this year is extra special after the harshest winter we have had in 30 years.  As the sun begins to warm the landscape we are starting to see the damage and destruction from this epic weather system that was upon us all winter long.  On April 15 we had an additional  inch of snow fall and I can see the damage on my tulips that were emerging and the delicate flowering shrubs that were getting ready to bloom.  Today on my blog I’m going to look back at the garden from last year and share the promise spring brings to my garden.

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 Forsythia Shrub Outside the Greenhouse

When I compare the images outside of the greenhouse from last year I can’t help but notice the Forsythia must have been zapped by that snow fall last week.  The only blooms this year were tucked on the bottom branch of the shrub hidden from any damaging weather elements.  I’m a little sad because I always wait to cut this shrub back until after the yellow show from this 30 plus year old shrub in my landscape outside of the greenhouse.  This spring I was able to get started planting cold crops in a few of my raised beds.   As you can tell from the image  below the greenhouse is packed this year promising many amazing things to come to the outside garden soon.

Fan of the Pansy

This year I’m growing the trailing pansy again by Wave / Ball Horticulture.  I’m so excited to share these as they grow in my landscape.  Last year they did wonderful in containers so this year I thought I’d give them a try in my landscape.  I love how I’ve been able to find them in a few of my favorite garden centers locally.


 Spring Promises New Memories

Spring brings more memory making moments with my little helper.  This year we are happy that her Mama is doing well while fighting Cancer and Little Helper has been able to be home more often.   I think it is adorable how she loves her gardening gloves I gave her for her 3rd Birthday.   Looking forward to hearing all about the gardening she will be doing at her home with Mama and I know she will be over to help me plant tomatoes in a few weeks.

Magnolias Have Seen Better Days

It’s not every year in my Ohio zone 5b garden we get a perfect show from the magnolia tree.  2013 was the year the blooms stuck around for a week until a night we reached near 32*F when the following morning the flowers were orange with burn.  This year the snow on April 15 hit the new buds hard.   Most of the blooms are starting to open today and they are showing signs of stress.  No worries –  there is always the promise of next Spring.

Signed Bren Haas

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