Spring Landscape Clean Up

The crocus have finished blooming and now the daffodils are in full bloom in my landscape. I plant hundreds of bulbs last autumn and now spring is in full bloom.  Today I spent much needed time cleaning up the back landscaping around the garage and mud room of my home.


Daffodils planted 14 years ago have multiplied and continue to bloom each year.

The first spring after moving out to the country in 2003 I moved hundreds of red brick I recycled from an old fire place that was in our in town home. I wish I had taken photos of the piles I moved all by myself out to our new garden. I used the red brick as border around the landscape around our home landscape to divide the garden from the grass.  Over the years some of the brick have been hard to find due to the lawn that has grown over it . Today I was on my knees using a hand tool to expose the brick. It was quite the job but I’m loving the results.


Red Brick Recycled From an Old Fireplace

During this landscape clean up I also pruned the Rose of Sharon shrubs back about 3 feet tall and major thinned out the Knock Out Roses just outside the breezeway door as you enter the back gardens.  Unfortunately, the Rose of Sharon shrubs are the reseeding varieties and I may someday end up pulling them out and finding them a nice spot out near the woodline where they can spread.


Pruning is a must in this landscape filled with Rose of Sharon and Knock Out Roses



Landscape behind the garage filled with treasures.

I’m looking forward to sharing this landscape with you in a few months. I was sure to prune back the Variegated Weigela to expose the ‘Let’s Dance’ Hydrangea .


Olivia was my helper today during clean up.

Don’t be shy when pruning during spring landscape clean up. It’s very important to give the Rose of Sharon shrub a through pruning. If you prune this shrub after green leaves have appeared you take the chance of losing blooms.


Look close to see the new growth on this older hydrangea.

This hydrangea sprouts new growth from the base of the plant as well as on old wood. I wait till new growth has clearly arrived before gentle pruning.

Beautiful daffodil blooming in the back landscape as hosta plants pop up behind the spring blooms.
I look forward to sharing my landscape with you as it grows this summer!



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