Sweet Spring Garden Blooms Arrive in My Garden

In early April I am so thankful I have planted Spring bulbs or the only flowers I would have are from the Dandilion blooming in my lawn.  In this post I share sweet spring garden blooms that arrive.

Sweet Spring Garden

First to bloom in my garden is the primrose – yellow.  Soon to follow is the blue, pink and orange.

Each year my spring home garden is different just like the variation of weather. The home garden is filled with delightful and not so welcomed critters. It is excited to count over a dozen  Praying Mantis castings back in the fruit tree garden of my home.  Not so exciting to see bunnies playing in the landscape.

egg casting

Praying Mantis Casting

Did you know that Female mantis will deposit their eggs in areas of your landscape like twigs then them with a foamy secretion. The secretion hardens and protects the eggs until they’re ready to hatch.

My garden is filled with shades of brown but plenty of rich tons of color from Autumn that are starting to come back alive.  One of my favorites is under the variegated tree in my 6 year old shade garden where you will find this Hellebore.  I’m in search of more colors of this perennial to add to this garden.  Please leave me a comment if you know of a garden center in NW Ohio or Michigan where I can pick up some Hellebore.

This is the bloom that warms my heart and garden during the first week of April.   I’m looking forward to sharing more of my garden and home with you this Spring. What are you excited about this season?

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Chores to Tackle

greenhouse and raised bes

It’s funny how growing year-round makes me forget it is almost time to move containers outdoors. It’s exciting to think of all the flowers and shrubs that will soon be moved out of the greenhouse late spring and summer season.  I usually play it safe and wait until the last week of May to bring most outdoors.

More Spring Photos from My Garden

Spring in the Shade Garden with Fisheye Lens

Let’s Connect

I’m excited to learn more about your garden and share more experiences with you so be sure to comment below or visit my contact page on this website.  Thank you for taking the time to stop by this Spring day.

Happy Spring,

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