10 Spooky Kitchen Decorating Ideas To Create on a Budget

Spider webs and a pumpkins with faces create a Halloween theme in any home and garden. October is the time of year to be a kid again as we dress up in our favorite costumes. Therefore, don’t forget to dress up the kitchen.  I know you will enjoy these 10 Spooky Kitchen Decorating Ideas To Create on a Budget.

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10 Spooky Kitchen Decorating Ideas
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In conclusion, I’m having a hard time picking which decorating idea is my favorite.  The skeleton working in the kitchen and the simple black witch hats hanging from the ceiling are two that caught my eye. The fancy pumpkin table setting is something that is recyclable and can be used at Thanksgiving. Can you pick one?  The spooky kitchen table decorating ideas is the perfect place to serve my Ghostly Chocolate Pretzel Treats or the Witch Hand Treat.  These decorating ideas inspire me to start baking the treats for the season.   Follow me on Instagram where I will share the spooky treats I’m whipping up for a festive Halloween.

[alert-warning]What are you doing this Halloween?  I’d especially love to hear from you so please share with me how you decorate your kitchen during the Halloween season. 




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