Spear Head Shovel Review

The Spear Head Shovel has been my go to shovel since I open the Amazon delivery back in late spring as my bulbs began to bloom.  I LOVE this shovel and in this post I share why with hopes  you can experience the product results.

Spear Head Shovel Review

I really love this shovel… after watching this video I think you will understand why.

This video on YouTube at : Creative Living with Bren Haas – Spear Head Shovel Review and Giveaway


What I like Most About The Shovel

spearhead shovel

There are many different shovels arrive on the market weekly and I think I own most of them!  My husband go through many shovels out here on our farm digging holes, trenching and basic gardening.  What I like most about the Spear Head Shovel / Spade is listed below.

Light Weight – 40″ light-weight design weighting only 3.7 pounds makes it easy to lift and use.

Creative Design – I love the shape of the shovel head.  I can easily use this shovel with my sandals on in the summer.

Sharp but Not Too Sharp – The tip of the shovel is PERFECT to cutting through thick roots in our soil.

Good Looking – The Spear Head Shovel / Spade is hard core but doesn’t look intimidating to use!

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  1. yes my tree is having the same thing happening all the leaves are falling off but growing tall this summer i just got it to id say about one year this feb i think

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