Warning About Unsolicited Seeds From China

Did you get seeds that you did not order in the mail?  Check out this video to find out more about the unsolicited seeds from China.

Unsolicited Seeds From China

In the last few days, I have received numerous messages about these packages coming from china shared in the news.  I personally have not received any but did some research to find out what was going on!  In the video below I share what I found and what do to if I should get some of these seeds.  I hope you watch the video and comment on the post to let me know what you think. 

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The thumbnail was a screengrab from Google search about these seeds in the news.   I love sharing videos so be sure to check them out on Bren Haas YouTube Channel. 

Important Notes

Here are a few of the links I mention in this video.  Be sure to reach out to the USDA if you should get these seeds from China in the mail.  

Just as you should treat any mysterious seeds you may acquire – DO NOT plant these seeds! 

Let’s Connect

I’d love to hear from you and especially what you think about this topic.  Be sure to comment on my post and reach out to me on my website if you don’t want your post public.  Don’t forget to spread the word and let everyone you know to NOT plant seeds they didn’t order!

Stay Safe,

Bren Haas

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