How to Create Your Own Seed Mats

Seed starting time of the year is year-round for me growing in a geodesic bio dome.  Some of my favorite seeds to grow are super tiny and can be hard to get in a straight row in the garden or raised bed. When I saw this DIY by Shirley Bovshow of  Home & Family Hallmark Channel I KNEW I had to give this project a try in order to keep my seeds in line.  Check out the video below for the EASY how to directions – I’ve even included the materials you need under the video.  I’m going to make a few up for my raised beds so when the snow melts I’m ready to grow!

Mark Steines and Cristina Ferrare welcome actress Miriam Shor to talk about her show "Younger." Actor Zackary Arthur from "The 5th Wave" joins us. Chef Devin Alexander is cooking dan dan mian. Dermatologist, Dr. Will Kirby shares new skin care trends for 2016. Debbie Matenopoulos is here with her Golden Globe predictions. Shirley Bovshow is making DIY seed mats. Learn how to make a fashionable DIY hip pack with Orly Shani. Dan Kohler is breaking down New Year good luck food traditions from all around the world. And, Ken Wingard shows you how to dress up a room with DIY graphic dog pillows.
Mark Steines, Cristina Ferrare and Shirley Bovshow Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: jeremy lee/Alexx Henry Studios, LLC

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H&F Photo Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media Family Networks/Photographer: Jeremy Lee

Be sure to tune in: Home and Family airs weekdays at 10 am ET/PT on Hallmark Channel.

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Easy to create seed starting mat by Shirley Bovshow
Credit: Copyright 2016 Crown Media United States, LLC/Photographer: jeremy lee/Alexx Henry Studios, LLC

A DIY from Shirley Bovshow.


  • Seeds
  • A paper towel
  • A little flour and water
  • Toothpicks
  • A ruler
  • Colored pencil


1) First, use a pencil to mark the location of the seeds on the paper, according to the distance between seeds indicated on the seed packet (I’M SPACING RADISHES EVERY 3 INCHES)

2) Next, make your glue by mixing flour and water into a thick paste, put a dab of glue on each mark

3) Place 1-3 seeds (just one for larger seeds, several for tiny seeds on each dab of glue and wait for it to dry thoroughly)

4) Label your mat and fold and store away in plastic bag until you are ready to plant!

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Have you started seeds indoors or outdoors before? I’d love to hear what you enjoy growing and if you liked this project.  Please connect with me by commenting below!

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