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Tips For Creating The Perfect Outdoor Party

In today’s post, I’m sharing a few tips from my past 4th of July celebrations hoping to inspire you this summer. Check out the recipes at the bottom. Fourth of July official means summer is here in my home garden.  My family and I enjoy being outside in the sun and under the stars taking

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Pecan Tassies Cookie Recipe

Pecan Tassies Cookie Recipe

These Pecan Tassies are a cross between a shortbread cookie and pecan pie.  Enjoy the recipe as early as Thanksgiving because they are super yummy with dates and pecan nuts. Pecan Tassies Recipe Baking Tips This is a recipe you will find yourself making during the holiday season.  For Example, the filling is similar to

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LED Solar Fairy Light with Heavy Vine

Solar Fairy String LED Lights Review

These Solar Fairy String of LED Twinkle Lights are dancing on the garden trellis this year are the highlight of my summer.   I just love how easy they were to install outside my sun room door.  The set is well made and I am purchasing a few more sets to add around the garden and

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Jam Thumbprint Cookies

Jam Thumbprint Cookies Recipe

Jam Thumbprint cookies are one of the all time classics in my home during the Christmas season.  The first time I made these was just before the first cookie party I ever hosted.  In this post I share my recipe and unique images from years past.  Don’t forget to scroll down and get your free

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Taco Salad Single Serving

Taco Salad Recipe

In this post I share a somewhat traditional taco salad recipe.  Enjoy a few tips on how to jazz this famous main dish salad up a notice with items in your pantry. Taco Salad Recipe When I was a kid I remember everyone asking for my Dad to bring his Taco salad to potlucks and

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Phlox Along with Golden Cyprus Shrub

All About Phlox Blooms

In this post I answer a question someone recently submitted to my website.  Find out all about phlox blooms in this video share. All About Phlox Blooms in My Home Garden Video As you can tell, I love it when folks stop by my site and ask questions that relate to my site.  Recently, someone

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Blooming Now in My Garden June

Blooming Now On A June Garden Walk

Previous Next In this post I share a video featuring what is Blooming Now on A June Garden Walk.  Check out the video and a few photos feature in this article. Blooming Now on A June Garden Walk Video It is always so much fun to do a walk about the garden.  In this video

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Strawberry and Pecan on this Salad

Strawberry Spinach and Toasted Pecan Salad Recipe

In this post I share my favorite Strawberry Spinach and Toasted Pecan Salad Recipe.  I am keeping it short today because I’m hungry and in a hurry to back outside to grow more spinach and strawberries.   After checking out this post you will know why! Strawberry Spinach and Toasted Pecan Salad Recipe This has got

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Container Under Lights

Growing Basil Year-Round in My Home Garden

Check out my tips and tricks on Growing Basil Year-Round in My Home Garden. I share a few of my favorite varieties along with how to start your own seeds. Growing Basil Year-Round Planting Tips In the video below I share how the basil plant is thriving in a self-watering container with LED lights. I

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basil from indoor garden

Garden Fresh Creamy Pesto Recipe

Easy and fresh are a given when you grow your own herbs.  One of the easiest herbs to grow in the summer garden is basil.  I want to share with you a quick and extremely easy recipe that you are going to love. In this post enjoy my garden fresh creamy pesto recipe. Garden Fresh

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Easy to Make Buckeye Candy Recipe

Every year for my cookie party I love making homemade buckeye candy.  Isn’t that a given when you are from Ohio?  In this post, I share my easy recipe along with a great way to gift these to family and friends. About The Buckeye Did you know that buckeye is actually a nut from a

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