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Edible Window Boxes 2021

Spring Edible Window Box Ideas

In today’s post I share with you my 3 large window boxes I have on my back kitchen patio.  You will find a video and images that will give you my tips to help you grow successfully during the cool season.   Find A Creative Spring Edible Window Box Ideas Video in this post. Edible Window

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year-round kitchen indoor gardening set up

Indoor Kitchen Gardening Update

In this post I share a quick indoor kitchen garden update.  You will see first hand how I have my gardening products set up in video.  Check out my latest tips and tricks for growing indoors successfully. Indoor Kitchen Gardening Update Video I had so much fun making this video!  It is super fun sharing

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top of wok simplesalad mix

How to Grow a Simple Salad Indoors

In this post featuring a video on how I grow a simple salad indoors.  A list of basic supplies and seeds you will need are in this article. How To Grow a Simple Salad Indoors Video Over the winter I’ve been experimenting with different edibles you can grow indoors.  In the video below I show

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Container Under Lights

Growing Basil Year-Round in My Home Garden

Check out my tips and tricks on Growing Basil Year-Round in My Home Garden. I share a few of my favorite varieties along with how to start your own seeds. Growing Basil Year-Round Planting Tips In the video below I share how the basil plant is thriving in a self-watering container with LED lights. I

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grocery store bought herbs

Growing Fresh Herbs Indoors Under Lights

In this post, I share a video featuring my herbs growing in the self-watering container I started back in December.  The beautiful container filled with fresh herbs is producing in my kitchen next to the Aerogarden. Growing Fresh Herbs Indoors Under Lights This video is an update from my blog post and video titled Setting

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Growing Under Lights

Growing Under Lights

In today’s share on my site is a short video featuring edibles growing under lights in my home.  Check out the short video and a warming image from my home garden. Growing Under Lights Video I really enjoy the short video ( or Shorts as they say on YouTube).  Encouraging users to share short videos that

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Great Side Dish or Meal

Super Grains and Roasted Butternut Squash

With a few simple ingredients like fresh herbs, veggies, and grain you can eat fast and healthy.  This is a recipe I enjoy when I’m super busy and have some butternut squash on hand. Super Grains and Roasted Butternut Squash Recipe For this recipe you will need the following ingredients: 1-1/2 cups of chopped uncooked butternut squash salt

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led habitat in my dining room

Growing Microgreens Indoors Using LED Grow Lights

In this post, I share a quick video on how I set up my Microgreens using the LED Grow Lights.  Get the details including video and product information right here and start today. How to Grow Microgreens Indoors Under LED Lights The quick under 5-minute video below shows step by step how I set up

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candyland in my home garden

Candyland Tomato In My Home Garden

In this post, I highlight one of my favorite currant tomatoes: Candyland.  Find a short video and images in this post.  I also share a few tips on where you can find this to grow from seed in your home garden. Candyland Tomato in My Home Garden Video In this short video clip, I want

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autumn green freeze fog

Foggy Freeze in My Home Landscape

Video and images from my home garden during what they call a Foggy Freeze. Foggy Freeze in my Home Landscape Video I really enjoyed making this video.  The conditions outside were unseasonable mild, therefore it was fun to walk about with a jacket on.  My lens on the iPhone fogged up when I first walked

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Monkey Puzzle Tree

Fun Facts About The Monkey Puzzle Tree

Fun FactThe Monkey Puzzle Tree can grow up to 100 feet tallFun Fact:The Monkey Puzzle Tree Can live up to 1000 years!Fun Fact:This species is listed in the CITES Appendix I as an endangered species. Previous Next A few photos of the tree from my collection Debating if I should share this but the plant

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Last of the Berries on the Candymint Crabapple Tree

Last of the Autumn Color in My Ohio Landscape

I just put together a video featuring the last of the Autumn color in my landscape.  This features my shade garden, shrubs, and many trees that I recommend.  Be sure to check out the highlights in this blog post. Last of the Autumn Color in My Ohio Landscape The video features the best of color

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