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Sunflower From 2021


On this page you will find my Gallery of unique images from day to day living.  Be sure to scroll through and get the details on each post.  Click on each image for details! Hellebore in Spring 2023 Sunflower From 2021 Dark Leafed Sunshine Dahlia nasturtium flowers daylily hemerocallis landscape off front porch Pomegranate Bloom

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Geodesic Bio Dome in December

Geodesic Bio Dome December Update

In this post I share my Geodesic Bio Dome December Update.  Video and images from todays experience in the dome are featured here. Geodesic Bio Dome December Update Video This video is part of my Geodesic Bio Dome experience.  I document this information on my website under dome categories. This video is also part of

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Pillow Case for Autumn Decorating Outdoors

Autumn Rustic Pillow Case Review

In this post I share a quick video and images featuring a creative way to dress up your porch for Autumn.  These are the Toland Rustic Autumn Pumpkin Pillow Cases. Creative Autumn Rustic Pillow Case Review This is the Toland  Rustic Pumpkins 18 x 18 Inch Outdoor, Pillow Case  (2-Pack). These are awesome because you

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Petchoa for Autumn Color

Petchoa Plant Are Perfect for Autumn Containers

In this post I share the new hanging baskets I put together using a plant called Petchoa.  You will see video along with a few unique growing tips below. Petchoa Plant in Autumn Hanging Baskets The petchoa plant in this basket is really making my front porch POP during the change of season.  I recently

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sunset with the red bow hanging

DIY Evergreen Hanging Basket

DIY evergreen hanging basket.  I’ve grown everything from strawberries to displaying evergreens in hanging baskets.  Putting together your own lets you share your creativity and use what you have on hand most of the time.  In today’s post, I share my Winter Evergreen Hanging Basket DIY.  Photos and a fun vlog video are featured on

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zucchini read to harvest

Tips on How to Grow Summer Squash

Summer coffee on the front porch with a fresh slice of zucchini bread is something we enjoy each year. Growing summer squash like zucchini can be rewarding and easy if you follow a few basic steps. In this post, I share a few growing tips that work for me in my home veggie garden here

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granola painting

Ready For Spring Garden Berries in Granola Recipe

In this post, I share my favorite garden berries in a granola recipe.  You will end up making this daily when your homegrown berries are in season. Home Grown Garden Berries This weekends favorite recipe was my yummy Berry Granola Delight which can be enjoyed at any time of the day.  This time of the

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Landscape Gardening with Compost

How I use Coffee Grounds In The Garden

Over the years online I’ve been able to find experts who are excited to share their experience in gardening to debunk the home gardening myths that keep popping up.  Nothing ‘erks’ me more than misleading information being shared online.  In this post, I hope to share with you what I’ve found out about using coffee

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Snow Begins

Creative Living V-log Featuring First Snow

The snow sure is pretty even if it is mid-Autumn.  In today’s share check out my v-log featuring the first snow in my garden. First Snow 2019 V-Log I had to check the records on Weather.org to see if today’s snowfall was a record-breaker.  It appears we had snow in my area in October 1989. 

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Unboxing New Plants From Proven Winners ColorChoice

Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrub Samples Unboxing

It’s the perfect season to talk new shrubs in the landscape.  In this post, I share Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrub Samples Unboxing.  You are going to love these new varieties that are available at a local garden center or online garden shops. Proven Winners ColorChoice Shrub Samples Unboxing It’s a beautiful day to be out

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