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Website Design at Work

How to Start Your Own Creative Website

One of the most rewarding things about being online is having my own space.  In this post, I will share with you a few tips on how to start your own creative website and blog. How to Start Your Own Creative Website with Blog I wish I would have known in 2006 when I first

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Diamond Frost Euphorbia

Creative Ways TO Grow Diamond Frost Euphorbia

In this post I share a quick video featuring the Diamond Frost Euphorbia I order online.  This plant has been a favorite of mine since 2015.  It became one of my favorites after growing it year-round in the dome greenhouse. Unboxing Diamond Frost Euphorbia Some of you may not realize you can order great looking

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Fresh Seasonal Harvest

What is Community Supported Agriculture CSA

In this post I share some basic information about CSA.  If you want to eat local and support local this is a great way to do so.  You will find information about what a CSA is and how to find one near you. CSA or Community Supported Agriculture What is a CSA? Community Supported Agriculture

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Strawberry and Gherkins Tags

Mexican Sour Gherkins And Strawberries In Small Space Garden

In this post you will find a video featuring a creative planting including Mexican Sour Gherkins.  These fun little healthy snacks are super easy to grow and enjoy as outlined below Mexican Sour Gherkins Video This is my first you to grow the Mexican Sour Gherkins on my patio.  I found a cute little cloth

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Blooming Now in My Garden June

Blooming Now On A June Garden Walk

Previous Next In this post I share a video featuring what is Blooming Now on A June Garden Walk.  Check out the video and a few photos feature in this article. Blooming Now on A June Garden Walk Video It is always so much fun to do a walk about the garden.  In this video

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coffee with a cookie in the french press review

Stainless Steel French Press Review

I got my very first French Press Coffee maker on Amazon and I LOVE IT!  In this post, I share a video of me unboxing and the very first time I made coffee in it. My Frist Time Making Coffee in the French Press   I had to do a little editing to the video

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Strawberry in Autumn

Strawberry Cake Roll Recipe Using Home Grown Fruit

While checking out  my website stats the other day I noticed this Strawberry Cake Roll Recipe.  Perfect time timing because I was looking for a fun recipe featuring the berries I grow.  I shared the image as a greeting on Facebook and began my search for this recipe.  In this post you will find the

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bean soup with corona beans

Royal Corona Bean Tomato Soup Recipe

I am always in search of a new and creative ingredient to try out for mealtime.  Today I dive into the bottom of my pantry drawer where all the beans and rice are stored to find a package of dried Royal Corona Beans.  Check out this Royal Corona Beans Tomato Ham Soup Recipe you can

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Michelle in Her Garden

My Garden Right Now Interview with Writer Michelle Chapman

Writer Michelle Chapman who heads up the My Garden Right Now event on social media is one busy gal.  I met Michelle this past summer at the Garden Blogger Fling.  She took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to connect with me about My Garden Right Now. My Garden Right Now Interview with Michelle

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rolled eggplant filled with cheese herb filling

Rolled Eggplant Recipe Using Homegrown Eggplant and Herbs

.While checking out my Facebook Home feed the other day I notice someone I was following like a recipe using what appeared to be an eggplant.  It took me a while to figure out what the heck the recipe ingredients were because it was written in French.  This was obviously before ‘translation’ was an option

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