School Gardens on GardenChat

School Gardens on GardenChat

Join the conversation on one of the largest micro-blogging networks to connect and learn more about school gardening. Twitter is the place to connect with GardenChat Guest host The Seed Keeper Company to discuss School Gardening.

Questions for the Twitter Event

Connect on Twitter for the GardenChat events by replying with your unique answer to each questions ask by the host of #gardenchat. The questions below are for participants to share their experience as time allows or during the event.  If you have a question you’d like to submit please do so at the bottom of this post.

Here are the questions for the Twitter event: 

  1. Do you know about our Seed Keeper Project? #gardenchat
  2. Do your kids attend a school with a garden? Where is it?
  3.  Do you volunteer at a school garden?
  4.  What do you grow in your school garden? Does your school garden have a theme?
  5.  Where does the harvest go from your school garden?
  6.  Does your school use the garden as a classroom? Is it part of the curriculum?
  7.  How is your school garden funded?
  8.  Does your school garden work with Master Gardeners?
  9.  Do you save seeds from your school garden?
  10. Connect with us by sharing your website or URL #gardenchat

Click on each question above to be directed to Twitter where you can view the conversation.

Let’s Connect

Be sure to connect on Facebook at this link to get notifications of up coming live-streams.  Did I leave something out?  Comment below so we can connect.

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