Rose Bed Design Inspired by Twitter

In late June I found the most amazing roses at 40% off at one of my favorite Independent Garden Centers located in Elmore Ohio.  I fell in love with Distant Drum, Easy Grow Yellow Shrub and Julia Child which I first heard about on Twitter from my #rosechat friends.   In the photo above you can see how the blue in the Russian Sage is going to just dance with the roses.

On the south end of this rose bed I planted a Coppertina by Proven Winners.  I sure do hope I gave this beauty enough room to grow because it is totally making a statement with the orange color that comes from the bloom on the distant drums.

The bloom on that Distant Drum Rose is truly one of my favorites!

It is going to be fun to watch this garden grow and of course share it with where it all began on Twitter.  On the north side of this rose garden I planted a honeysuckle shrub.  I want to add some rocks to this bed but have not had enough time to go dig through my collection in the back of our property.

oops … my wheel barrow is still out!  I always have something in that garden tool to keep me busy growing in the garden.

Coppertina , Russian Sage and the Distant Drum rose in this image above.  In the  front of the coppertina shrub I have a couple of the new Oso-Easy pink rose shrubs going but they are too small to photograph right now. On the side of this garden facing the house I also tucked a couple of dwarf hot pink phlox which are too small to really pick up in the landscape photograph.   These are really going to look amazing in a few days because the buds are just forming and they are planted blow the yellow roses that are in full bloom this week.

Calico Betty is loving the Julia Child Rose Shrub in the photo above.

It just wouldn’t be a good garden post from my garden without Boo Kitty!

I look forward to sharing my garden with you as it grows. Thank you to my dear friends on Twitter who have inspired me to grow things I would have never imaged I could.

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