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Tulip Bundle on Valentines DayHappy Years – Memory says the Tulip

Last Monday on #gardenchat we welcomed the talented author Geraldine Adamich Laufer (also known as @gardengeri ) as our guest host.  It was an hour filled with love as we  got to ask questions and learn more about the language of flowers from our #gardenchat friend Geri.  If you missed the event and would like to find out more about what was shared please visit the #gardenchat website link to the transcript on featured on February 13.

Could the topic have been any more perfect leading into Valentines Day week?  I do believe I wasn’t the only twitter participant that was rethinking ‘roses’ for my sweetheart and going with a container of Rosemary which has been associated with love and remembrance throughout the ages according to Geri Laufer. This writer knows her herbs because she also the Administrator of #herbchat that takes place every Thursday afternoon on Twitter.  I’m all for some rosemary on my grilled fish so way not give it as a gift!?!   Little did I know the bunch of tulips I picked for my family from my greenhouse forced bulbs as well as a few from the store meant  ‘Happy Years – Memory’ according to page 88 in Geri’s book ‘ Tussie Mussies’ – the Victorian Art of Expressing Yourself in The Language of Flowers.

I was honored when my dear Twitter friend who I happen to have met last year at the Garden Writers Association #gardenchat tweet-up I organized  in Indianapolis.  She is a Horticulturist, Garden Writer, Public Relations & Social Media Consulting for the Plant Industry and you can find out more about her at her website : GardenGeri.com  

‘Tussie- Mussie’ can be purchased on Amazon so be sure to click on over and get your copy.    WHY PURCHASE this book?  I highly recommend this to ANYONE who wants to add a beautifully illustrated art filled book to their library collection.  Although I must add that you may never put it up on the shelf because the images will light up your home decor.  The book is filled with inspiring images on how to put together flower bouquets for any and all occasions.  Before you pick out your seeds to grow a garden of blooms this spring you must flip through this book to get ideas on what you may want to tell your friends with cut flowers you may gift them with later in the harvest season.

Thank you Geri Laufer for sending me your beautiful book.

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