Takeya Iced Tea and Me

I’m going to totally brag about my addiction to sharing images and connecting with people in this blog post today.  I’m still all giggly about the fact that  I won a Takeya Iced Tea Kit just by doing what I love to do most : Pinning!

A few weeks ago I was going through my Pinterest follows and noticed some refreshing images being shared.  It has been a hot summer in Ohio and we have been enjoying all kinds of refreshing drinks using herbs from the garden as well as fruits from the local farmers market.   I must have repinned a dozen refreshing drink ideas when I came across this board filled with Takeya Iced Tea ideas and products.   The board had directions listing an event that were hosting and that one lucky pinner would be receiving some awesome products from the company.   Obsessed with pinning and loving the idea of connecting with more foodies online I began pinning.    The next thing I knew I was inspired to share a blog post about what Takeya was promoting on Pinterest.    I shared a recipe from my garden at : Great Recipe To Enjoy in the Garden – Orange Citrus Mint Hybiscus Tea .

With just enough time to enjoy more iced teas on my deck in the garden before Autumn planting begins I received a Tweet informing me that I had won the Flash Chill Tea Maker and Tumbler Set!   In between networking gigs I received a fabulous package in the mail just for me!!!!   I say ‘just for me’ because this package came in the rush of #gardenchat giveaway products that were for the event and it was nice to receive a product for me to enjoy during this busy time.  I totally Instagram –ed this delivery ( image to the left).

This is a product that makes brewing loose tea super easy.  I own just about every loose tea making product out there after becoming a fan of all the beneficial factors of brewing herbs back in the early nineties after #handyandy returned home from Asia with many different oriental teas to enjoy.  The search for loose tea varieties in my area is always a challenge but I had recently  stocked up after visiting The Seasoned Home in Holland Michigan with friends from the #GWMediaDay event.

Some of the features I love about this product is it is a must for anyone who just wants to kick back and enjoy their surroundings while also doing something good for their body by drinking a vitamin packed glass of fresh herbal tea.  This product is reasonably priced and easy to purchase on the Takeya website as well as easy to care for with dishwasher safe options. Another cool factor is  you only need to twist off the lid of the brewing and chilling pitcher to prepare some amazing iced tea!

Enough bragging about how awesome this product is …. let me share with you a photo collage featuring  how easy it is to brew the tea so you can be enjoying your fresh brew in the garden.

Details : Click Here

Click Here for Details

For details on brewing please click on the image above where I share in detail how easy this product is to brew up beverages for your next afternoon in the garden.   I also want to note that I received this product from The Takeya Group for participating on their Pinterest board.  I ‘m excited about this product and how pretty it looks in my garden shares and not being paid by anyone to promote these products.

I hope you find yourself in the garden brewing up some wonderful things you have grown in your garden this Labor Day Weekend.



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