I’m Really Excited About Sustainable Seeds

As it continues to snow on this 20*F day in my Ohio garden I’m clicking through seed catalogs online dreaming of what my garden will be like in a few months.  I find it hard to click off of the main page of the Sustainable Seed Company main page because I’m loving the assortment of heirlooms featured on  the front page slide show.  I’ve always wanted to grow purple carrots.

Like most everyone who wants a pretty garden filled with veggies and blooms I just want to be successful.  I don’t totally understand all the details behind heirloom and organic.  Most often the words organic and heirloom description on the seed packages means the product is priced higher but I didn’t see that the Sustainable Seed Company .

In case you were wondering :

organic : a / of, relating to, or derived from living organisms <organic evolution> (2) : of, relating to, yielding, or involving the use of food produced with the use of feed or fertilizer of plant or animal origin without employment of chemically formulated fertilizers, growth stimulants, antibiotics, or pesticides <organic farming> <organic produce> * According to the  Merriam – Webster Dictionary

heirloom: : a horticultural variety that has survived for several generations usually due to the efforts of private individuals * According to the  Merriam – Webster Dictionary


Get Excited About Heirloom Seeds

Seeds I’m Excited To Grow 2013

In the first image featured on the collage above is the Scarlet Runner Bean.  I can’t believe it has been around since 1750 and I had never heard of it!  After tweeting about it yesterday I not only was inspired to grow this bean but I learned how I will make an awesome block in my garden.

This dude at ‘grow your greens’ on Youtube.com has a really cool video about the Scarlet Runner Bean:

I learned yesterday that Scarlet Runner beans are very vigorous and can easily reach 20′.  A great producer of beans, they are perfect when small for snap beans or later as a dried shell bean. Shiny black seeds mottled with purple.  BONUS : they also get a red blossom that hummingbirds love!


The second image in the collage above is my beloved tomatillo only in purple variety. I”ve been growing tomatillo plants for over 7 years now.  It use to be hard to find the seeds in my area and in years past I had to save seeds from the past harvest.  Last year was horrible weather to grow the tomatillo in my area because it was so hot in the beginning of summer and the too cool for the fruit to fully developed by the end of the summer.  This year I’m starting these seeds in early March and will get them in the ground mid-May.  IF we are threatened by frost I will be sure to have stakes around the plants so I can drape a cloth over them.   Nothing beats canning homemade salsa verde from the tomatillo you grow.  Check out my salsa recipe here.  Find out more about the purple tomatillo at Sustainable Seed.

A few years ago I had picked up some celery starter plants at a local IGC.  I didn’t see any last year for my garden and they were totally missed.  This year I’m starting my own celery from seed.   The seeds need to start early because they take up to 100 days to harvest.  It was an awesome experience having my own celery growing in the raised beds outside of my kitchen and I can’t wait to experience that again.  Find out more about celery seeds at Sustainable Seed.

Tomatoes …. if you follow my blog or my networking you know I ‘m a tomato freak and have even got my 18 month old niece talking about growing them after the fun we had last year when she was just a tiny #littlehelper eating them off the plant in my garden.   This year I’m excited to try this green zebra for it’s beautiful color.  I can’t wait to take photos of these heirloom beauty let alone try its citrus flavor it is noted for.  Find out more about the green zebra tomato at Sustainable Seed.

By the way, I ordered those purple carrots to sow in the greenhouse this month as well….Please be sure to follow my blog to watch these veggies grow in the months to come.  The Tomatoes and celery I will be starting in the greenhouse as soon as they arrive.

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