P.Allen Smith Brings Garden To The Table

Grow It * Prepare It * Eat It : My Motto when Gardening

As we dive into the sometimes exhausting chores of  spring cleaning here in the Midwest, there is one thing going through my head that helps keep me  energized: ‘Grow It * Prepare It * Eat It’.  Could Gardening get any better then that? That little saying is one of the mottos  that I use in some of the gardening videos to describe what I love most about gardening.

My hobby-turned-way-of-life of veggie growing started with the dream of having an endless supply of food that could be prepared for family and friends.  My love for preserving tomatoes lead me to learn to grow my own in our country veggie garden here in Ohio.  As I experienced first hand  how easy it can be, my garden expanded to grow more of the veggies used to make dishes like salsa, stews, and relishes.   Today I grow on a 40’x 60′ garden, raised beds in my greenhouse landscape area, and containers through out my home and garden.  This maybe just one of the reasons why I’m loving the P.Allen Smiths ‘Seasonal Recipes From The Garden’ cookbook.   In this cookbook you will find some amazing recipes that can served during the Holidays as well as every day cooking that always use fresh ingredients from the garden. Using what we grow is  a theme  I share here at BGgarden.com in  ‘From Garden To Kitchen”collections.

I became a follower of P.Allen Smith after  first spotting him sharing the Proven Winners that I so adore when I worked in a local garden center about four years ago.    P.Allen Smith shares beautiful blooms in creative landscape and container designs featured in my favorite magazines that  we could share with our clients.  This was a great way to share ideas on what garden center shoppers could do with their gardens.   It was an honor to meet P.Allen Smith for the first time last summer when he was one of the featured guest at the IGC event in Chicago.   One of the first displays I visited at  IGC was the debut of P. Allen’s amazing Christmas collection that I captured as photographer for Shirley Bovshow of Garden World Report.

In October of 2010, I became the administrator of #gardenchat and was honored to have  P.Allen Smith and his crew as one of the first guest hosts.  What a way to dive into a twitter forum of sharing the garden world – Wouldn’t you say?!  His transcript about Raising Backyard Chickens has had well over 2,000 hits off of my site.   And now I look forward to the Garden2Blog event that takes place in Little Rock, Arkansas this April with P.Allen Smith, which I was invited to attend along with 19 other garden bloggers from across the country.

A new webpage is ready here on the BGgarden.com website ,where I will be sharing the world of P.Allen Smith during the Garden2Blog event later this spring.  You are invited along to the Garden2Blog event via my shares on  Twitter where I network whats growing on Twitter as well as shares from P.Allen Smith daily.

Are you curious which recipe I brought to my table from the P.Allen Smith Seasonal Recipes From The Garden Cookbook?   You know it is going to have tomatoes as a key ingredient and be super easy this time of year because I’ve got seeds to start and talk about while raising my family.

You’ll have to check out Allen’s book  for this yummy Garden Tomato Salad from page 91 featuring some of the herbs that can be  grown year-round.  You can find more recipes and information about his book on his website at P.Allen Smith  Garden Home.

In this podcast P.Allen Smith shares with me his thoughts on gardening, inspiration and the Garden2Blog event that takes place in April.  I hope you will follow the event from my page here on BGgarden.com and on their facebook page at Garden2Blog.

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