Tomato Sandwich 101

This may just be the EASIEST recipe ever! I started making these when I was a kiddo just barely old enough to use a knife. Nothing like grabbing a fresh hearty tomato out of the garden and slicing it up for a BLT. Back in the day, I would toast up cheap white bread, spread some mayo on it and sloop that juicy tomato in the middle for a yummy snack. Today, we get fancy and use whole wheat breads toasted, herb blend mayonnaise and select organic veggies. Either way, the tomato sandwich has got to be the easiest recipe every recorded.


1.Toast 2 of your favorite sandwich bread slices.
2.Slice up your favorite garden ripe tomato.
3.Spread your favorite mayonnaise on the toast.
(check out my herb blend mayonnaise)
4. Add fresh bacon and lettuce.

The Tomato in the image above is the first large fruit I don't mind eating right off the vine. Read more about the tomato I grew by clicking the image above.

Do you have a spin to the Tomato Sandwich A.K.A. BLT? I would love to hear from you so please leave a comment.

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