#SundaySupper with Cristina Ferrare Salad Dressings

With a mission to bring back Sunday Supper Around the Family Table in every home how can you not tweet about that?  The Family Table can be anywhere as long as the main ingredient is Love. This is Isabel Foodies goal each week as she organizes and supports other foodies who share a #SundaySupper recipe.  I’m honored to be a part of this group and hope to share not only a recipe each week but inspiration on how you can grow what you are bringing to the table for your family to enjoy together.  This week on #SundaySupper many of the participants have chosen a favorite recipe from Cristina Ferrare’s Big Bowl of Love Cookbook to share on their blog post as well as tweet about it.   To find out more information about Christina’s book click here or you can follow her on Twitter at @CristinaCooks.

I do not have Cristina Ferrares’ book on my kitchen shelve but like most great recipes I’ve found them on the web.  I particularly liked Cristina’s tips on salad dressings located on her blog site.  Today for my #SundaySupper here in my Ohio garden I’m using her LIME & CUMIN VINAIGRETTE.

Growing My Own Salads Year-Round

For me and my family #SundaySupper is harvesting something that is growing in our garden and bringing it to the table.  Quick, Easy and Fresh is what I enjoy most about growing your own  recipes and this maybe why I love Cristina’s Lime Cumin Vinaigrette.  “Salad dressings should never over power your salad. You want salad dressing to add a clean light taste to  your earthy greens that are not overly creamy, garlicky or oily. It defeats the  whole purpose of a fresh salad.  It’s important to mix your salad and eat it right away” says Cristina Ferrare on Salad Dressings.   Fresh and eating right away is never a problem when you grow your own this time of year.  I need something fast and easy to put on the table with my busy schedule of growing the harvest!

My #SundaySupper Salad with @CristinaCooks Lime Cumin Vinaigrette

Today I’m  using fresh lettuce and cilantro from my greenhouse and the last of the greenhouse tomatoes.  It’s  that time of year where all my containers filled with veggies and blooms are being moved out into the garden now that we are past danger of frost in gardening zone 5b.   The salad dressing can be found on Cristina Ferrare site.  I’ve actually used this dressing on Talipia Fish being prepared on the grill as a lite marinate.  The recipe is super easy and pictured below off of Cristina’s site.  I invite you to give it a try and let me know what you think by tweeting on #SundaySupper on Twitter.

Click on The Image to Check out Cristina’s Fabulous Recipes

I hope you will join us on Twitter today by following and sharing family recipes to bring to the table on #SundaySupper .

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