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I’m bringing the garden to  #spicychat Twitter chat forum Thursday at 8 p.m. ET when I guest host from my kitchen garden in Ohio. To bring awareness to all the things you can grow on your own I’m sharing tips and products that will get you growing successfully.  During this event that takes place on Twitter tonight 8-9 p.m. ET I will be sharing information about  my experience with growing food for over 20 years as well as giving away products that have been tested and approved by ME!


Thanks to my friend at Botanical Interest I’m sharing my love of growing sprouts indoors with friends on #spicychat tonight.   The Savory Mix (24 grams) and the 2013 Botanical Interests Desk Calendar is giveaway #1.

Giveaway #2 : Two outstanding products I have used in my home and garden.   Annie Haven has been in the Moo Poo business for over 80 years and her love for growing natural shows on her social media presence.  Be sure to follow both @greensoil ( manure Tea) and @BotanicalInterests on Twitter.

“”If a child grows herbs or vegetables, they will try them at least once,” said Mike Ferraro : CEO of Growums Products.  I totally agree with this because both my teenagers are big fans of eating veggies they would have never tried unless they grew them in our home garden.   Giveaway #3 is the Stir Fry Garden Kit by

Giveaway #4 is the Growums Pizza Kit …. click on the image to find out more about this product.  It was the first Growums kit I ever tried.  My kids who are teenage gamers loved the game so much they wanted to grow more !

Giveaway #5 : In my home garden it is super important to use all natural fertilizer.  I’ve had growing success using the Sustane Natural Compost Tea Bags.  The container lettuce seeds are new by Renee’s Garden and I can’t wait to give them away as well as try them myself this autumn.



Tell Me What You Enjoy To Grow

To participate in the #spicychat event tonight all you have to do is sign on to Twitter and add #spicychat hashtag to your tweet.   I will be giving away these products during the event to people participating on Twitter.   All you have to do is TWEET #spicychat and share in the conversation going on.

Transcript from this event will be posted on my site after the event tonight.  If you are picked to be sent these products YOU MUST contact me with your shipping information with in 24 hours.  I will be using to pick the Tweet.  Allow 3-4 weeks for shipping! Be sure to follow @SpicyChat_ on Twitter for more updates and visit my friend Rashmi at her inspiring Food Blog at : The Primlani Kitchen

If you have any questions I would love to hear from you …. leave me a comment!

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