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Hunt’s® Arroz con Pollo y Frijoles Negros Recipe – Click Image

Busy in the greenhouse doing basic chores after a weekend of Thanksgiving celebration and I totally lost track of time this Sunday afternoon. Who needs  an alarm clock when I have my tummy rumbling and my teenagers texting me “Mom … do you want me to start dinner?”. I could have totally let my 15 and 17 year old make up tonight’s one skillet meal I’ve been dying to whip up but I was too excited to try myself for the first time.

I’m really excited about this Hunt’s Signature Recipe today because it includes a few basic ingredients I usually have on hand.

Click on Image for Adobo Spice Recipe

First you will need to mix up a simple Adobo Spice Recipe. Adobo Spice mix is  an essential seasoning in Spanish Caribbean and Latin American kitchens  You can view the recipe I use by clicking on the spice image above.

Dissolve Chicken Bouillon Cube in 1 1/4 Cup of Hot Water

Drain and Rinse the Black Beans

Spray the Non-Stick Skillet with Pam

Carefully Add the 2 1/2 Pounds of Chicken to the Hot Skillet

Sprinkle the Chicken with 1 Tablespoon of  Adobo Mix

Brown Chicken : 7 minutes Each Side  :  Remove from Hot Skillet

Add One Cup of Long Grain Rice and 1/2 of Green Onion Until Brown in Hot Skillet

Add 8 Oz. Hunts Tomato Sauce to Rice Mix

Add Black Beans and Bouillon Cube Mix

Mix Well and Bring to Boil after Adding the Chicken Back to Skillet

Use Remaining Green Onions as Topper

I put together a quick video demonstrating how easy it is to prepare this one skillet meal by Hunt’s Signature Recipes.  Be sure to click on any of the images above for the complete directions for this recipe.

Easy Recipe How- To Video from My Garden

The flavor and scent that filled my home from this dish reminds me of the trip we took to Brazil in June of this year.  Check out my photo album on Google from this trip : Brazil in June.   I hope you will let me know if you tried this recipe and be sure to tweet about it using #HuntsRecipes hashtag!

* I’m part of the paid Hunt’s Brand Team sharing my opinion as I cook up these quick and easy recipes.

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