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Tired of the basic raised bed garden kits popping up EVERYWHERE?  The creators of GardenFrames have made it possible for you to grow in style with this simple kit featured on today’s podcast. In this blog post we explore Raised Bed Art with GardenFrames Co-Founder Scott Kachlany featured in podcast episode 10A16.

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Below is a diagram featuring how easy it is to put this product together.  In the interview featured on this post, Co-Founder Scott Kachlany shares that wood used can be painted allowing the gardener to personalize the structure.  Painting the wood used will not effect the soil because the paint is on the outside.

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During the 16 minute presentation Scott shares with our listeners so great tips for growing a raised bed in style, how to connect with Gardinnovations.com and social media accounts.  Listed below are the links mentioned.

For the purpose of this podcast and to spread the news about the launch of the KickStart, Scott was kind enough to send me these images featuring raised bed art. It amazes me how a simple piece of wood purchased at the local hardware store coupled with GardenFrames can create a creative growing space.

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Scott Kachlany

Scott Kachlany is the Co-Founder and Director of Innovation.  In the short presentation featured on this post he shares how he merged his microbiology studies  and his talent for creating things with his passion for gardening.  Scott who holds a B.S. degree from Cornell Univesity and a PH.D. from Columbia University is also an avid gardener.   Scott has partnered with Teri Chu who is the Co-Founder and Director of Design / Production.  Teri is a designer who is an experimental home chef studied at the University of California.

Podcast is on YouTube at Creative Living and Growing with Bren Podcast list.

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In case you missed it on social media, the pre-launch campaign went live on October 20,2016 on Prefundia.com for the GardenFrame™. Visit prefundia.com/projects/view/gardenframe/10769/ to learn more and to check out more design images.

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