Rainy Day From My Front Porch

During the late morning on a rainy June day I took a break from my house work to notice the lily blooms were open in my front porch landscape.  Inspired to share these breath-taking blooms I decided to do a Ustream broadcast to share with others who were on twitter. Tuesday has been known to be the day to share favorite blooms in the blog world.  Today I’m sharing a rainy day gardenwalk from the landscape around my front porch here in Ohio.

Enjoy the rain from my front porch landscape in this quick video that was streamed lived early in the day.

While steaming this live video from my garden I could see on my mobile device that 10 others were viewing my share as I broadcasted. This experience was very cool and inspiring for me because I was able to share a piece of my world with someone online.

I’m loving the blue tint showing in this hydrangea bloom today.  I believe it is from the bunny poop I added to the mulch mixed around it in the landscape near the front porch.

The Pathway From the Sun Room to the Front Porch

This Lily Shares is Why I Live Streamed Today

I wouldn’t be surprised if I end up using the yellow lily bloom share above as my timeline photo later this week on Facebook.

Here is the collection of images I took today with my ipad to share on the networks from my world.

Happy growing everyone … and I hope you get out for a #gardenwalk today!

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