Meet Glenda : Growing Year-Round in Zone 3

You are going to fall in love with Tootsie’s adorable 12’x20′ greenhouse where she grows year-round up in Alberta, Canada when you hear this fun podcast. If it weren’t for asking this Canadian Do-It-All girl a few questions about her greenhouse a year ago I wouldn’t have a greenhouse to share with you all today. I made it threw many nights below zero the first year growing in Ohio zone 5b with the help of my dear internet friend. Ā  Glenda of inspired me and I know she will get you thinking about growing in your own greenhouse. Over the year Glenda and I have become good friends sharing many things about growing including becoming partners on our new site about growing year-round at .

In this podcast I had the privileged of ‘picking Glenda’s Brain’ about her greenhouse up in Canada where there is more snow on the ground year round then green grass showing.Ā Ā  You won’t want to miss the details on how you can build your own greenhouse using recycled materials and how you will save money starting your own seeds.

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